European Science Journals: EOJNSS, JAELT, more to come...

Vol 8, No 2 (2019)

Table of Contents

Natural science section

Utilization of Expired Calcitriol as an Eco-friendly Corrosion Inhibitor on the Copper Metal in the Aerated Acidic Environment PDF
Narasimha Raghavendra pp. 206-211
Reducing the Risk of Pesticide Residues in the Groundwater: A Case Study of Punjab PDF
Sajjad Ahmad Baig, Muhammad Usman Awan, Irfan Ahmad Baig, Muhammad Abrar pp. 352-365

Social science section

Spelling Errors Among Online Learners in the Moderated Discussion Board: A Case Study of Virtual University of Pakistan PDF
Muhammad Asif, Deng Zhiyong, Anam Azhar, Sameena Malik pp. 212-223
Role of Corporate Governance to Mitigate the Idiosyncratic Risk in Non-Financial Sector of Pakistan PDF
Sadeen Ghafoor, Muhammad Zulfiqar, Muhammad Kashif Khurshid pp. 224-238
The Dynamics of the Relationship between Stock Market Development and Economic Growth in Zambia PDF
Mweembe Muleya Mundena, Robert Becker Pickson, Wonder Agbenyo pp. 239-252
Parity Pricing as an Approach to Price Support Programme in Agriculture Sector of Pakistan: Policy Analysis PDF
Hina Ali pp. 253-268
Adoption of Integrated Pest Management (IPM): The Case of Iranian Farmers PDF
Kurosh Rezaei-Moghaddam, Sedigheh Samiei pp. 269-284
A Study of the Organizational Stress among Public Sector Secondary School Teachers in Punjab PDF
Faheem Huma Ghulza, Zia Ahmad Qamar, Muhammad Arshad, Ghulam Haider pp. 285-293
Parenting Style and Anti-social Behavior: An Exploratory Study of Secondary School Students PDF
Uzma Kiran, Muhammad Tahir Khan Farooqi, Shehzad Ahmed pp. 294-308
Does Working Capital Management Play Mediating Role? Determinants of Capital Structure PDF
Ali Raza Sattar pp. 309-315
Impacts of FDI Inflows on Domestic Investment, Trade, Education, Labor Forces and Energy Consumption in Bangladesh PDF
Shapan Chandra Majumder pp. 316-330
An Investigation of the Relationship between Compulsory Citizenship Behaviour and Psychological Withdrawal PDF
Kanwal Shaheen, Mohsin Bashir, Rizwan Shabbir, Sharjeel Saleem pp. 331-343
Impact of Violent Attitude on the Psychological Health of Students in Pakistan PDF
Muhammad Nasir Khan, Afsar Rathor, Yasir Khan pp. 344-351
A Monte Carlo Comparative Simulation Study for Identification of the Best Performing Panel Cointegration Tests PDF
Mehmood Hussan, Shahid Akbar, Asad ul Islam Khan pp. 366-373
Domestic Violence against Women: Statistical Analysis and Legislative Solutions PDF
Muhammad Danyal Khan, Fraz Ashraf Khan, Muhammad Daniyal, Abdul Basit pp. 374-380