European Science Journals: EOJNSS, JAELT, more to come...

Vol 4, No 4 (2015)

Table of Contents

Natural science section

Exploring the Possibility of Discharge of Nitrogen from the Lower Part of the Soil by two Between-crops Plant of Perko and Buko in order to better Use and Prevent the Waste of Nitrogen PDF
Mahtab Beladi, Ali Kashani, Davood Habibi, Farzad Paknejad, Saeed Vazan pp. 704-715
Impact of External Walls Insulation Location and Distribution on Energy Consumption in Buildings: A Case Study of Northern Cyprus PDF
Haleh Boostani, Elmira Mirzapour pp. 737-741
RRR (Reclamation, Remediation and Recovery): Green Phases of Mining and Drilling Lifecycle Influence on and/or Influenced by Sustainable Development PDF
Hamid Sarkheil, Shahrokh Rahbari pp. 832-842
Total Antioxidant Capacity Determination with Colorimetric Method and Microplate Reading Format and Comparison with Chemilumin Essence Assay PDF
Amirhossein Rahnama, S. Adeleh Razavi, Mehdi Hedayati, Nematollah Razmi, Fatemeh Sedaghatfard pp. 875-881

Social science section

Estimating Iranian Wheat Market (A Comparative Study between ARDL and SUR) PDF
Leila Yazdanshenas, Reza Moghadasi, Saeed Yazdani pp. 626-637
Scientific Basis of the Future Teachers Extracurricular Activities Organization (Educational Aspect) PDF
Saltanat Ganiyevna Tazhbayeva pp. 638-654
Comparative Study of Attorney's Intervention in Pre-Trial Stage and Its Influence on Fair Judgment in Iran and the United States of America PDF
Naser Ghasemi, Sirous Zarghami, Mohammad Reza Mahmoodi pp. 655-663
Whether Companies Need to be Concerned about Corporate Social Responsibility for their Financial Performance or Not? A Perspective of Agency and Stakeholder Theories PDF
Talat Afza, Sadaf Ehsan, Sajid Nazir pp. 664-682
Farmer’s Literacy Rate as Key Driver in Food Production and Food Security: An Empirical Appraisal from Punjab, Pakistan PDF
Sana Iftikhar, Hina Amir, Zunaira Khadim, Kanwal Bilal pp. 683-690
Personality Mediated Career Development under Islamic Work Ethics in Pakistani Religious Schools PDF
Arsala Marium Khan, Shakira Usman Nazeer, Syed M. Imran Haider Naqvi pp. 691-703
A Comparative Review of Personality Traits and Depression in Diabetic and Kidney Patients in Shadegan City PDF
Majid Naeimavi, GholamHossein Maktabi, Khalil Tofanizadeh, Hamdan Rahimi pp. 716-724
Data Health Assurance in Social and Behavioral Sciences Research PDF
Ch. Mahmood Anwar pp. 725-736
Measuring the Development Degree of Public Health Care Services in Border Regions of Iran (Case study: West Azerbaijan province) PDF
Rouya Yousefi Zanganeh, Soheila Andisheh pp. 742-751
The Mediating Effect of Social Undermining on the Relationship between Organizational Justice and Organizational Silence (The Case Study: Tax Organization of Fars Province) PDF
Roya Khayer Zahed pp. 752-760
The Effect of Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) Program on Learning Vocabulary among EFL Left and Right Hemispheric Dominant Learners PDF
Khatereh Khoshnoud, Ali Reza Karbalaei pp. 761-777
The Bell, The Ethics of Judgment, The Ethics of Love PDF
Soghra Ghasemi, Sayyed Hassan Alamdar Moghaddam pp. 778-786
Impact of Training and Development on Organization Performance with Mediating Role of Intention to Quit as Human Resource Quality Cost PDF
Sadia Mansoor, Faisal Tehseen Shah, Ateeq ur Rehman, Asma Tayyaba pp. 787-797
The Effect of Technology-based Building Background Information on Iranian EFL Learners' Second Language Writing PDF
Behzad Nezakatgoo pp. 798-813
Impact of Educated Labor Force on Economic Growth of Pakistan: A Human Capital Perspective PDF
Hina Amir, Muhammad Khan, Kanwal Bilal pp. 814-831
Measuring Perceived Service Quality of State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan: A Case Study PDF
Hasnain Safdar Butt, Muhammad Waqas, Shahzad Ahmad, Abeer Hashmi, Muhammad Murtaza pp. 843-854
Information Properties of Generalized Order Statistics and Renyie Information PDF
Mehdi Rajaei Salmasi, Gholam Hossein Yari pp. 855-864
Factors Affecting the Self-directed Learning Readiness PDF
Hadiseh Monkaresi, Asadollah Abbasi, Reshvan Razyani pp. 865-874
Different Types of Sexual Harassment in Society and its Relationship with Level of Sexual Norm Acceptance and Presence in Public Places (Case study: Female College Students in Islamic Azad University, Shiraz Branch) PDF
Abdol Mohammad Taheri pp. 882-890
Combined Effects of Perceived Organizational Politics and Emotional Intelligence on Job Satisfaction and Counterproductive Work Behaviors PDF
Muhammad Kashif Luqman, Muhammad Fahad Javaid, Tahira Umair pp. 891-911