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RRR (Reclamation, Remediation and Recovery): Green Phases of Mining and Drilling Lifecycle Influence on and/or Influenced by Sustainable Development

Hamid Sarkheil, Shahrokh Rahbari


Today industries play comprehensive role in modern and developed societies. Pollution and wastes as output of these processes- here: mine and drilling - are important concerns of both environmental authorities and managers. Recently green studies are favored as a key factor in environmental management systems. It can also be served as a study field in sustainable development. One environmentally-concerned phase of industries is closure and abandonment of mine and well when permanent environmental impacts must be dealt with. Reclamation and/or rehabilitation of mined and drilled lands not only can decrease environmental problems but also can establish environment-friendly conditions having substantial benefits. Wastes can be lowered or even eliminated by being returned into source or by remediation and reuse processes. Circumstantially in mining, the mined land can approach post-mining land uses such as recreational, residential and agricultural uses. These make losses and disadvantages to turn into benefit and advantage. In terms of drilling, practices like subsurface injection can procure demanding disposal. Post closure acts are the long-term phases of industries which should integrate well-designed engineering, management and monitoring to bring about the aimed results and to comply with the environmental management systems.


Environmental Management System EMS; Green Industry; Sustainable Development; Waste

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