European Science Journals: EOJNSS, JAELT, more to come...

Vol 3, No 2 (2014)

Table of Contents

Natural science section

Effect of different conditioning methods on the surface roughness of dental amalgam: SEM analysis PDF
Mohammad Reza Rooholahi, Mohammad Bagher Rezvani, Mahdi Niknami, Zohre Moradi, Fateme Peyro Musavi pp. 285-292
Heavy metals contamination in silver, common and grass carp caught from Zarivar Lake, western Iran PDF
Seyed Milad Jafari, Soheil Sobhan-Ardakani pp. 344-350
Relation between energy consumption and window to wall ratio in high-rise office buildings in Tehran PDF
Mohammad Mehdi Ghiai, Mojtaba Mahdavinia, Fariba Parvane, Sorour Jafarikhah pp. 366-375

Social science section

Classroom teachers' views on environmental education PDF
Ahmet Nalçacı, Hakkı Yazıcı pp. 202-207
Forecasting volatility and Value-at-Risk of the Karachi Stock Exchange 100 index: Comparing distribution-type and asymmetry-type models PDF
Abdul Haque, Kashif Naeem pp. 208-219
Predicting identity styles and coping styles using self-rumination and self-reflection: A multivariate multiple regression analysis PDF
Fariborz Bagheri, Sanaz Nazari pp. 220-227
Organizational conflict and task groups' behavior PDF
Hamid Reza Qasemi, Jalil Teymori, Ensiyeh Jahanbakht pp. 228-236
Designing a new integrated model for performance evaluation of R&D centers (Case study: Energy Research Institute) PDF
Ramin Gharizadeh Beirgh, Asghar Razzaghpour, Saman Bina, Ali Atayi Azar pp. 237-249
Impact of information and communication technology (ICT) on governance quality PDF
Parvaneh Salatin, Hamid Fallah pp. 250-256
Investigation of the role of information systems in tourism marketing as one of the strategies of tourism development PDF
Mohammad Akbar Sheikhzadeh, Muhammad Moradzahipour, Muhammad Ghasem mirzaei, Majid Toulabi pp. 257-261
Comparison of attachment styles and social development in children of one- and multiple-child families in Isfahan PDF
Farahnaz Daneshnia pp. 262-268
Performance and development trends of small businesses in the agro-industrial complex PDF
Y.A. Merkulov, A.N. Milovanov, N.S. Belkina pp. 269-275
Effectiveness of group counseling based on schema therapy approach in the attachment styles of married housewives PDF
Farnaz Shekari Ghandpazi, Shokouh Navabi Nezhad, Ghodsi Ahghar pp. 276-284
A survey of optimum strategies to urban planning and management by using TOPSIS method (Case study: Cities of Mazandaran Province, Iran) PDF
Reza Mokhtari, Abdolrashid Gharanjik pp. 293-297
The new structure of corporate governance, institutional investors and capital structure: Evidence from Malaysia PDF
Majid Ashrafi, Joriah Muhammad pp. 298-314
Interventional training effect on drug withdrawal rate PDF
Mehraneh Kazemian, Qader Vazifeh Damirchi, Batul KazemiKani KazemiKani, Maryam Hafeziyan, Shahrbanu Gholizadeh Gholizadeh pp. 315-318
Application of environment capability theory in formulation of qualitative parameters in designing educational spaces PDF
Sarvar Jafarikhah, Mohammad Mahdi Goudarzi Soroush, Golrokh Daneshgar Moghaddam pp. 319-325
A perspective on the role of tourism in determining evaluation and monitoring patterns in Darab rural development PDF
Ali Shakoor pp. 326-330
Examination of function of Iranian schools in students’ socialization and providing a proper model PDF
Seyyed Mohammad Ali Mirjalili pp. 331-336
Investigating the mental health of the staff working in petrochemical company of Ilam PDF
Mahin Kheirollahipour, Shahram Mami pp. 337-343
The role of cyberspace variables on development of cyber-crime in Iran PDF
Mahshid sherafati, Roohollah Mohammadi pp. 351-356
Study of environmental, economic and technical factors in occupational hazards and accidents of the Gas Company of Isfahan PDF
Sayed Fakhreddin Dadgar, Ahmad Reza Shekarchi Zade, Majid Nili, Sareh Eini, Raziyeh Abdar pp. 357-365
Studying the correlation between the personality traits of parents having autistic children and the severity of autism in their children PDF
Zeynab Yazdanpanah, Sedigheh Ebrahimi, Mehdi Ghodrati pp. 376-384
Design of justice based human resource management model at Iranian public organizations PDF
Naser Mirsepasi, Gholamreeza Memarzadeh, Hosein Alipour Alipour, Esmail Qaderi pp. 385-397
The Power of Subliminal vs. Supraliminal versions of the Combi Emotional Stroop Test in Measuring Attentional Bias for test and Social Anxiety PDF
Esmael Mahmoudian, Sorour Alborzi, Mehraneh kazemian, Zeinab Mahmoudian, Mehdi Barzegar pp. 398-409
Judicial divorce and its nature PDF
Akram Hashemzade pp. 410-418
Evaluating the effective factors on behavioral tendency in using mobile bank services PDF
Masoud Hashemi Ghanjghahi, Samad Jabbari Asl, Nasrin KhodaBakhshi pp. 419-424