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A perspective on the role of tourism in determining evaluation and monitoring patterns in Darab rural development

Ali Shakoor


Any tourism activity which is done in rural areas shall make social and economic development which could be effective in evaluation and monitoring of the area. Although, in the recent years, great attention has been paid to the rural tourism from different aspects in different global levels, its nature and origin has not been fully and comprehensively studied. In the present study, the significant role of rural tourism in Darab rural development has been dealt with. The research method is analytical and descriptive based on four analytical relations, that first, the tourismability coefficient of the area was calculated, and upon proving its tourismability, the expected frequency tests were used through chi-square test, cronbach’s alpha coefficient, and Likert scales. Based on the value of 4 relations, the results indicate the monitoring of structural tourismability value in the area.


Tourism, rural tourism, rural development, tourism monitoring, Darab

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