European Science Journals: EOJNSS, JAELT, more to come...

Vol 2, No 2s (2013)

Special Issue on Teaching and Learning

Guest editors

Dr Mojtaba Maghsudi,
Department of English, Farhangian University, Shahid Bahonar Branch, Arak, Iran
Dr Fahimeh Rezai Niaraki
Department of Psychology, Farhangian University, Nasibe Branch, Tehran, Iran

Table of Contents

Social science section

The Correlation between English Sentences and Their Voices in the Process of Translation PDF
Fatemeh Alinejad Rad, Fatemeh Azizmohammadi pp. 1-5
EFL Teachers with Different Attitudes in One Educational System: Will They Impact Their Learners’ Achievement Differently? PDF
Mana Esmaeili pp. 6-14
The Effects of Explicit Instruction of Grammatical Cohesive Devices on Intermediate Iranian Learners' Writing PDF
Masoumeh Rassouli, Mehdi Abbasvandi pp. 15-22
Bilingual versus Monolingual Learners’ Reading Comprehension Ability Regarding their Interest in Reading Comprehension Topics PDF
Fatemeh Samadi, Mojtaba Maghsoudi pp. 23-34
The Effect of Vocabulary Strategy Training among Autonomous and Non-Autonomous Learners in Iranian EFL Context PDF
Fatemeh Seyed Rezaei, Alireza Karbalaei, Shahram Afraz pp. 35-49
A Contrastive Socio-pragmatic Analysis of Anger Metaphors in English and Persian PDF
Mehdi Abbasvandi, Mojtaba Maghsoudi pp. 50-58
Design, Construction, and Validation of a Critical Pedagogy Attitude Questionnaire in Iran PDF
Vahideh Pishvaei, Seyed Ahmad Kasaian pp. 59-74
Can direct corrective feedback in learners’ mother tongue and in foreign language affect the EFL learners’ writing accuracy differently? PDF
Sahar Saeedi, Mojtaba Maghsoudi pp. 75-93
The role of bilingualism and personal variables in reading literacy performance of bilingual students based on the PIRLS study (2001) PDF
Leila Shahdosti, Ayatollah Fathi, Ali Akbar Malekirad, Azam Taheri pp. 94-100
The Interaction between Iranian EFL Learners’ Interest in Reading Comprehension Topics and their Reading Comprehension Ability PDF
Fatemeh Samadi, Fatemeh Aziz Mohammadi pp. 101-108
The Effect of Thematic Clustering on Enhancing Monolingual and Bilingual EFL Learners’ Vocabulary Acquisition PDF
Mozhgan Zargosh, Alireza Karbalaei, Shahram Afraz p. 109-121
Is Changing the Voice of English Sentences Accompanied with any Changes in Their Tenses? PDF
Fatemeh Alinejad Rad, Mojtaba Maghsoudi pp. 122-129
The Relationship between Two Different Text Types and Reading Comprehension Strategy Use of Advanced EFL Learners PDF
Anis Behzadi, Fatemeh Azimi Amoli pp. 130-142
The Study of the Relationship between Multiple Intelligences and Learning Strategies among Iranian EFL learners PDF
Roya Davar Asl Bandarabbasi, Alireza Karbalaei pp. 143-149
Effect of Life Skill Training on Self -Esteem of High School Students in Iran PDF
Fahimeh Rezai Niaraki, Hassan Rahimi pp. 150-159
The Effect of Explicit and Implicit Instruction on Monolingual Bilingual EFL learners and Acquisition of L2 Grammar PDF
Maryam Yeganeh, Marzieh Ghoreyshi, Rahil Darabi pp. 160-167
The Effect of Teaching Critical Thinking on Educational Achievement and Test Anxiety among Junior High School Students in Saveh PDF
Zahra Haseli, Fahimeh Rezaii pp. 168-175
Mobile-Assisted Language Learning: Practices among Iranian EFL Learners PDF
Mona Khabiri, Mohammad Bagher Khatibi pp. 176-190
The Effect of Bubble Cards on Word Stress Errors and Retention of EFL Learners: A Comparison of Turkish and Farsi Native Speakers PDF
Yaser Kheyrkhahnia, Shahram Afraz, Hamidreza Khiyabani pp. 191-201
Effectiveness of False Belief Training (Theory of Mind) on Decreasing Behavioral Problems among First Grade Students PDF
Fatemeh Nanvaii, Fahimeh Rezaii Niaraki pp. 202-208
The Study of the Relationship between Managers' Transformational and Transactional Leadership Styles and School Effectiveness in Secondary Schools in Iran PDF
Alireza Rezaei Abgoli, Zahra Sabeti pp. 209-218
Cultural Differences in Writing English Native and Non-Native Acknowledgment texts: A Contrastive Study PDF
Rezvan Davaei, Alireza Karbalaei pp. 219-228
The Role of Schema or Background Knowledge ActivationandGraphic Organizer on Increasing Iranian EFL Learners’ Reading Comprehension PDF
Mohammad Hassan Kashani Mahmood, Farahnaz Reymani Nikoo, Alireza Bonyadi pp. 229-241
A comparative study of Iranians and Indians about the types of domestic violence PDF
Rahamatollah Saidi, Y S Siddegowda pp. 242-250
A Psychoanalytic Review of ‘Endgame’ PDF
Behruz Mansuri, Maryam Ghorbani, Iman Kiyaee, Fatemeh Azizmohammadi pp. 251-255
A Marxist Reading of ‘The Madwoman of Chaillot’ PDF
Behruz Mansuri, Iman Kiyaee, Maryam Ghorbani, Fatemeh Azizmohammadi pp. 256-261
Effectiveness of Simple to Complex Sequences and Composition Instructional Strategies in Learning and Retention of Concept of Experimental Science in Secondary School PDF
Yousef Rezapour, Kiumars Taghipour pp. 262-272
Evaluation of academic self-efficacy based on implied intelligence beliefs PDF
Sajjad Purbaghban, Joseph Rezapour, Ayatollah Fathi, Ali Akbar Malekirad pp. 273-278
The Effectiveness of Social Skills Training on Communication Empowering Deprived Students PDF
Fateme Nequee, Mehri Rahmani, Ali Rahmani, Sahar Jadidoleslam, Abdollah Rahimi pp. 279-284
Romantic Relationship and Mental Health among Payame Noor University Students in East Azarbayjan PDF
Ali Akbar Malekirad, Aiatollah Fathi, Mehdi Aghapoor Bishak, Fatemeh Azammofidi, Kobra Rahzani pp. 285-290
Interpersonal Metadiscourse in Compositions Written by Iranian ESP Students PDF
Rezvan Davaei, Alireza Karbalaei pp. 291-300
The relationship between Iranian EFL Learners’ Linguality and their General English Proficiency PDF
Fatemeh Aziz Mohammadi, Fatemeh Samadi pp. 301-312
Descriptive study on Gibran Khalil Gibrans‘ Point of view about Religion and Religious Thought PDF
Abdolah Rahimi, Rooholah Samadi pp. 313-316
Effectiveness of Self-Differentiation Training on Self-Differentiation, Test-Anxiety and Self-Efficacy among Students in Saveh City PDF
Sara Naimi, Fahimeh Rezai Niaraki pp. 317-322
A Textbook Evaluation of Speech Acts and Language Functions in High School English Textbooks (I, II AndIII) and Interchange Series, Books I, II, And III PDF
Afshin Moradi, Alireza Karbalaei, Shahram Afraz pp. 323-335
The Effect of Teacher’s Scaffolding and Peers’ Collaborative Dialogue on the Acquisition of English Tenses in the Zone of Proximal Development: A Sociocultural Perspective PDF
Abolfazl Khodamoradi, Hasan Iravani, Manoochehr Jafarigohar pp. 336-346
The Effect of Hemispheric Dominance on Learning Vocabulary Strategies among Iranian EFL Learners PDF
Zahra Bavand Savadkouhi, Mohammad Taghi Hassani, Ramin Rahmani pp. 347-361
The Relationship between Teachers' and Students' Preferences about Different Classroom Activities among EFL Learners in National Iran Oil Company(NIOC) in Iran PDF
Darush Rezaei, Alireza Karbalaei, Shahram Afraz pp. 362-375
The Effect of Stress Management Teaching Skills to Reduce Student’s Avoidance Coping Style PDF
Mehri Rahmani, Ali Rahmani, Fateme Nequee pp. 376-385
A Comparison of Pursuing – Distancing and Dependency on Others among Monolinguals and bilinguals PDF
Arezoo Fathi, Fahime Mirkamali pp. 386-389
Investigating the Relationship between Learning Disabilities and Behavioral Disorders PDF
Narges Dolat Yari, Ali Akbar Maleki Rad, Abdollah Rahimi, Ayatolah Fathi pp. 390-395
The Study of Irrational Beliefs of Monolinguals and Bilinguals PDF
Marzie Heydari Beni, Ali Abar Malekirad, Masoome Mohamadi, Hassan Jafari pp. 396-400
Comparison of learning approaches in successful and unsuccessful students in Arak University of Medical Sciences, 2010 PDF
Korosh Rezaei, Hamidreza Kouhestani, Zohreh Anbari, Kobra Rahzani pp. 401-409
Comparative Conflict Resolution Tactics among Monolinguals and Bilinguals PDF
Masoomeh Mohamadi, Ali Abar Malekirad, Marzie Heydari Beni, Mojtaba Maghsoudi, Hassan Jafari pp. 410-416
Predicting Variables of Academic Achievement and Science Self-Concept of Students in Third Year Guidance School Based on Parents' Education Level and Attitude towards Science PDF
Ayatollah Fathi, Nasrin Teimori, Ali Akbar Malekirad, Eskandar Fathi Azar, Haddad Poorbaghban, Karim Abdol Mohamadi, Leila Shahdosti pp. 417-425
Diabetes Knowledge among people without diabetes living in Iran PDF
Samereh Abdoli, Maryam Tavana pp. 426-433
A Comparison of Sexual Desire and Self-esteem among Monolinguals and Bilinguals PDF
Arezoo Fathi pp. 434-438
On the Relationship between Teachers' Sense of Responsibility and their Job Satisfaction: The Case of Iranian High School Teachers PDF
Mohammad Aliakbari, Neda Babanezhad Kafshgar pp. 487-501
The Study of parents’ attitudes toward the status of execution of physical education course in Iranian elementary schools PDF
Sarvenaz Anousheh, Soheila Abdi Nemat Abad pp. 502-508
The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence, Perceived Stress and Academic Performance among Iranian High School Students PDF
Auoob Ebrahimi pp. 509-522
Classroom Observation: A Factor for Iranian EFL Teachers’ Professional Development and Their Students' Achievements PDF
Elham Asa'di, Khalil Motallebzadeh pp. 523-532
The Impact of Leadership Style, Thinking Style and Job Satisfaction on Iranian EFL Teacher Retention PDF
Reza Khany, Fatemeh Azimi Amoli pp. 533-544
On the Evaluation of Master of Arts Program in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) at Ilam University PDF
Mohammad Aliakbari, Marzieh Ghoreyshi pp. 545-558
Corrective Feedback During Communicate Tasks: Do Recasts, Clarification Requests and Explicit Correction Affect EFL Learners’ Second Language Acquisition Equally? PDF
Mohammad Golshan pp. 559-571
Mobile-facilitated Time and Place among Iranian EFL Learners PDF
Mona Khabiri, Mohammad Bagher Khatibi pp. 572-583
On the Network of Associations among EFL Learners' Language Learning Strategies, Mindfulness and Personality Traits: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach PDF
Reza Khany, Neda Babanezhad Kafshgar pp. 584-600
The Nexus between Iranian EFL Students’ Big Five Personality Traits and Foreign Language Speaking Confidence PDF
Reza Khany, Marzieh Ghoreyshi pp. 601-611
Iranian EFL Teachers' Familiarity, Attitudes and Willingness towards Different Internet Tools and their Applications PDF
Reza Khany, Marzieh Ghoreyshi pp. 612-621
The Analysis of the Relationship between the Theoretical Knowledge of Translators and Their Practical Translation Skills: An Evaluation of Graduate Translation Courses PDF
Leila Lotfi Kashmar, Seyed Mohammad Hosseini-Maasoum, Mohammad Reza Hashemi pp. 622-629
The Study of the Effect of Teaching Styles (Interventional, Interactional, Non-Interventional) on Self –Efficacy: A Case Study of Secondary School Female Students PDF
Azam Motamedi, Mohammad Reza Yousefzadeh Chosari pp. 630-639
The Moral Vision of Iris Murdochin her First Novel “Under the Net” PDF
Soghra Ghasemi, Sayyed Hassan Alamdar Moghaddam pp. 640-649
The Study of the Relationship among Emotional Intelligence, Peer Social Support, and Family Social Support and GPA among Iranian High School Students PDF
Yeganeh Azizi pp. 650-658
Investigating the Effectiveness of Task Types on Vocabulary Learning in Multilevel Language Ability Classes PDF
Ali Ziyaeemehr pp. 659-667
The Impact of Conscientiousness Personality Trait on Language Learning Strategy Application in EFL Context PDF
Akbar Molaei pp. 668-673

Natural science section

Living in the Shadow and Light: Iranian Youths’ Responses to Diabetes-Related Stigma PDF
Samereh Abdoli, Mehri Doosti Irani, Soroor Parvizi, Naimeh Seyed Fatemi, Massoud Amini pp. 439-448
Comparing the Mental Health of Children’s’ Mothers With ADHD And Normal Children’ Mothers In Hamedan PDF
Samaneh Sanaei Kamal, Jalil Babapor Kheyradin, Karim Abdol Mohamadi, Ayatollah Fathi, Narges Dolatyari pp. 449-460
The Study of the Effect of Magnetic Therapy on Improvement of Neuropsychological Functions in Children with Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyperactivity PDF
Kambiz Pushaneh, Susan Emami Poo, Maryam Rabib, Daryoosh Nasabi Tehrani pp. 461-471
The Relationships between Mental Health Status, Achievement Motivation, Job Satisfaction and Oxidative Stress in Subjects Exposed to Nickel Welding Fumes PDF
Ali Akbar Malekirad, Ahmad Goodarzi, Ahmad Reza Tohidnejad, Tahereh Sadeghi, Melika Heydari, Najmeh Egani, Ahmad Akbari pp. 472-479
A Comparative Study of Psychiatric Disorders and Coping Strategies between HIV Patients and Healthy Subjects in Khorramshahr PDF
Azam Taheri, Zahra Zarimoghadam pp. 480-486