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A Contrastive Socio-pragmatic Analysis of Anger Metaphors in English and Persian

Mehdi Abbasvandi, Mojtaba Maghsoudi


Metaphor is an important socio pragmatic issue that has received a lot of ink in the review of literature and within these commonly used figures of speech emotion metaphors are ubiquitous in world languages. From among different concepts of emotion, anger involves a great deal of complexity so the present paper aimed to investigate anger metaphors in English and Persian from a socio cultural perspective. To do this, samples of English and Persian metaphors were selected. Then Kovecses’s (2000) cognitive qualitative method for contrastive analysis of anger metaphors was utilized to compare and contrast the corpora. The findings of the study showed that although manifesting anger in English and Persian is culture bound and has differing lexico-semantics realizations, the universal aspects of these mappings can’t be ignored.


Anger metaphors; Contrastive analysis of metaphors; English; Persian; Metaphorical mapping

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