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Effectiveness of Self-Differentiation Training on Self-Differentiation, Test-Anxiety and Self-Efficacy among Students in Saveh City

Sara Naimi, Fahimeh Rezai Niaraki


The main objective of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of self-differentiation training on self-differentiation, test-anxiety and self-efficacy among girl students. Research method is quasi-experimental including pretest - posttest with control group. The participants were girl students of high school in the fourth year. In this study, sampling was done randomly. Among them, 40 students were chosen and randomly divided into two groups of 20. Then, the experimental group was taught for 10 sessions. At the end of training, both groups were taken post-test. The instruments used by researcher in this experiment include Self-differentiation, Test anxiety and Self-efficacy questionnaire. Research data were analyzed by ANCOVA and independent t-test method. Results of study showed that the training method has been effective in reducing the problems of test-anxiety and increasing students' self-efficacy

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