European Science Journals: EOJNSS, JAELT, more to come...

Vol 5, No 2 (2016)

Table of Contents

Natural science section

Calculation of Asymmetry factor using the Solution of Equilibrium Problem PDF
Muhammad Asif pp. 249-252
Polyvinyl Sulfuric Acid: A Novel Solid Acid Catalyst for Preparation of Symmetrical Ethers and Theoretical Calculation PDF
Roya Moeinzadeh, Halimeh Rajabzadeh, Ali Reza Kiasat, Fatemeh Mohammad Taheri pp. 291-295
The Effect of Different Concentrations of the Thinner Globaryll100 on Chemical Characteristics of Gala Apples PDF
Iraj Ghorbanian, Azar Seyde pp. 342-348
Survey of Toxoplasma Gondii in Livestocks’ Meat (Sheep, Goat, Camel), Using Nested PCR Method in Sabzavar District PDF
Jalal Aliabadi, Pro.Naser Ziaali pp. 368-376
Evaluation of Solubility of Gypsum-bearing Piles and the Role of Water in its Leakage off the Pile in Fifty-year Return Period: Special Case of Marash Dam PDF
Alireza Moazzami, Mohammad Reza Emam pp. 386-398
The Study of the Possibility of Using Expired Ultraviolet Stabilizer (Tinuvin 770) in Polypropylene PDF
Mostafa Shikh Zadeh, Ronak Rabiei, Reza Sheibani pp. 484-493
Production of Noncarbonated Lemon Orange Juice PDF
Afshin Salahvarzi, Toktam Mostaghim, Mohammad Reza Khani pp. 504-513
Calibration of Separate Window Model Factors to Calculate Land Surface Temperature using MODIS Images PDF
Sadegh Modiri, Mahdi Modiri pp. 546-558

Social science section

Comparing Export and Import Sport Goods in Iran in 2014 to Implement Resistive Economics PDF
Reza Bagheri, Hamidreza Booali, Karamat Avazpour, Hamed Alizadeh Pahlevani, Karim Deris pp. 253-262
Antecedents of Dividend Policy: Empirical Evidence from Banking Sector of Pakistan PDF
Rizwan Hamid, Muhammad Shahbaz Yaqub, Muhammad Mubashir Hussain Awan pp. 263-274
From a Building to an Architectural Artifact: The impact of Architect’s Worldview on the Status of an Architectural Artifact PDF
Sepide Abbasi Yusefabad, Behnaz Aminzade, Mohammad Naghizade pp. 275-290
How Knowledge and Financial Self-Efficacy Moderate the Relationship between Money Attitudes and Personal Financial Management Behavior PDF
Muhammad Ali Jibran Qamar, Muhammad Asif Nadeem Khemta, Hassan Jamil pp. 296-308
Effectiveness of Group Counselling on Improvement of Marital Relationship in Infidelity-Affected Mothers of Students in Tehran City PDF
Zahra Shahbazi Nezhad, Bahar Alian, Fatemeh Hashemi Golpayegani pp. 309-316
Metalanguage and Learning Grammar among Iranian EFL Learners PDF
Anita Roshan, Ali Elhami pp. 317-322
The Status of Attorney-Ship in Crime Prevention PDF
Seyed Mohamamd Hussieni, Abass Shafei Ardestani pp. 323-334
The Effect of Social Relationships on the Innovative Behavior of Employees Mediated by Psychological Wellbeing in Pharmaceutical Industry of Pakistan PDF
Ahmad usman shahid, Rizwan Qaiser Danish, Muhammad Mazhar Bhutta, Asad Afzal Humayon, Jawad Shahid, Muhammad Imran pp. 335-341
A Sociological Study on the Impacts of Iran's Oil Revenues with an Emphasis on Consumer Life Style PDF
Hossein Dehqan, Marzie Takbiri pp. 349-360
Investigation of Performance Management Behaviors in Educational Managers of Iran University of Medical Sciences PDF
Zahra Zarei Haji Abadi, Zohreh Sohrabi pp. 361-367
The End of Modernism and the Reflection of Human Condition in Figurative Sculpture PDF
Narges Haririan, Rima Eslam Maslak pp. 377-385
Investigating the Relationship between Alexithymia and Early Maladaptive Schema among University Students in Tabriz PDF
Karim Abdolmohammadi, Mikaeil Hosseinzadeh, Farhad Ghadiri Sourman Abadi, Mahsa Khaleghi pp. 399-405
The Effect of MALL on Pre-intermediate EFL Learners’ Writing Performance PDF
Nazaninsadat Khadem Estarki, Mehdi Bazyar pp. 406-420
Measuring the Dependency Structure between Yield and Weather Variables for Ratemaking Weather-Based Crop Insurance in Ahar PDF
Esmaeil Pishbahar, Sahar Abedi, Ghader Dashti, Ali Kianirad pp. 421-431
Managerial Attributes Effect on Mutual Fund Performance: Case from Pakistan, an Emerging Mutual Fund Market PDF
Faisal Khalil, Naveed ul Hassan, Muhmmad Ali Qamar pp. 432-441
Multi-item Economic Order Quantity with Consideration of Transportation Costs and Vehicle Capacity PDF
Abbas Raad pp. 442-457
Investigating the Relationship between Vulnerability to Addiction and Self-Efficacy among High School Students PDF
Farhad Ghadiri Sourman Abadi, Karim Abdolmohammadi, Mahsa Khaleghi, Mikaeil Hosseinzadeh pp. 458-463
Bakhtin’s Polyphony and Translation: A Case Study of a Persian Translation of Alice Munro’s Runaway PDF
Azadeh Moghimi Dehkordi, Vida Rahiminezhad pp. 464-474
The Relationship between Recast and Noticing Sensed by Basic Level EFL Learners PDF
Ali Elhami, Anita Roshan pp. 475-483
Servicescape under consideration of Hedonic and Utilitarian approach, a Conceptual debate related to customer satisfaction in context of female clothing brand in Pakistan PDF
Maleeha Azim, Muhammad Waqas Sadiq, Asad Afzal Humyon pp. 494-503
New approach to an old concept: Quality of Working Life in Small and Medium-Sized Organizations PDF
Manouchehr Ansari, Ehsan Ghahramani, Hoda Jebellie pp. 514-534
Investigating the Coping Relationship of Problem-Oriented and Excitement-Oriented and Cognitive Flexibility with Mental Health PDF
Laleh Mehri, Saeed Bakhtiarpoor pp. 535-545
Riba Free Loan in Islamic Finance: Key to Social Development and Welfare PDF
Syed M. Imran Haider Naqvi, Kausar Abbas, Adeel Ahmad pp. 559-567
Generality of the treaty based Criteria of Statute of International Criminal Court Facing International Crimes PDF
Erfan karimirad pp. 568-573
The Objectives of Education from Plato's Point of View and its Critique from Dewey's Vision PDF
Somayeh Marhaba pp. 574-578