European Science Journals: EOJNSS, JAELT, more to come...

Vol 5, No 1 (2016)

Table of Contents

Natural science section

Glutathione Peroxidase Activity Assay with Colorimetric Method and Microplate Reading Format and Comparison with Chemiluminescence Method PDF
Fatemeh Sedaghatfard, S. Adeleh Razavi, Mehdi Hedayati, Nematollah Razmi, Amirhossein Rahnama pp. 15-21
Effects of Zingiber officinale as Feed Additive on the Common Carp Body Composition PDF
Hodeis Abbasi Ghadikolaei, Abolghasem Kamali, Mehdi Soltani, Mansour Sharifian pp. 22-31
Simulation and Ergonomic Study and Fabrication Technology of Salt Man Footwear PDF
Mahin Sohrabi, Nafiseh Yazdani pp. 52-64
Chemical Diversity of Scarab Beetle Pheromones and its Implication in Chemical Evolution PDF
Jason Lorenzo Lumabas, John Carlos Sioson, Jose Isagani B. Janairo pp. 65-70
The Effect of Addition Parsnip Herb and its Extract on Momtaze Hamburger Shelf Life PDF
Marjan Akbarmivehie, Homa Baghaei pp. 132-146
Effectiveness of Systematic Desensitization and Cognitive Behavior Therapy on Reduction of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Symptoms: A Comparative Study PDF
Masoumeh Hakimian, Lancy D’ Souza pp. 147-154
Impact of Climate Change on Runoff from Snowmelt by Taking into Account the Uncertainty of GCM Models (Case Study: Shahrchay Basin in Urmia) PDF
Mohammad Hossein Aalinejad, Yagub Dinpashoh, Saeed Jahanbakhsh ASL pp. 200-211
The Effect of Short-Term Supplementation of Melissa Officinalis Extract on the Level of Serum Malondialdehyde and Total Antioxidant Capacity after Aerobic Activity at a Negative Slope PDF
Arezoo Adelifar, Pezhman Motamedi, Yengi Maleki Gholam Hossein pp. 241-248

Social science section

Foreign Currency Derivatives and Firm Value PDF
Atia Hassan, Talat Afza pp. 1-14
The Correlation between Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences and the Problem-solving Styles and their Role in the Academic Performance Achievement of High School Students PDF
Yaghoob Raissi Ahvan, Hossein Zainalipour, Mahin Jamri, Fatemh Mahmoodi pp. 32-39
Gender Quality and Phenomena of Glass Ceiling in the Hierarchal Structure of an Organization: An Empirical Study of Umeå University PDF
Ammar Arshad, Muhammad Waqas, Shariq Zia, Shahzad Ahmad pp. 40-51
How Tense and Aspect are Sequenced by EFL Learners PDF
Keivan Mahmoodi, Mansoor Koosha, Ahmad Reza Lotfi pp. 71-81
Protecting the Vulnerable: The Case of IDPs in Pakistan PDF
Rafi Amir-ud-Din, Summaira Malik pp. 82-99
Examining the Effectiveness of Training Problem-solving Skills on Happiness Degree in Addicts to Methamphetamine PDF
Saedeh Qobadpour, Biouk Tajeri, Ali Moqaddamzadeh pp. 100-107
Prediction of Anxiety Based on Maladaptive Schemas in Children PDF
Behnaz Hajimirarab, Changiz Rahimi, Norollah mohammadi pp. 108-118
An Evaluation Factors of Customer Satisfaction in Telecommunication Sector of Pakistan PDF
Hafiz Abdur Rashid, Ch. Abdul Rehman, Nauman Aslam pp. 119-127
The Relationship between Capital Structure and Profitability of Companies Listed in Tehran Stock Exchange PDF
Meysam Rahimian pp. 128-131
Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth: Evidence from Pakistan PDF
Muhammad Ali Jibran Qamar, Sameen Masood, Abdul Haque, Arslan Azam pp. 155-162
The Effect of Teaching Music on Active Memory of Educable Mentally-Retarded Children PDF
Leila Ahmadi, Mahdieh Salehi, Muhammad Jafar Javadi pp. 163-171
Forecasting Volatility and Value-at-Risk of Pakistan Stock Market with Markov Regime-Switching GARCH Models PDF
Farhat Iqbal pp. 172-189
The Effect of Business Intelligence on Management Accounting Information System PDF
Seyyed Hamid Tamandeh pp. 190-199
Comparing the Effects of Life Skills Training on Male and Female High School Students’ Self-Esteem in Sari PDF
Najmeh Khaleghi Kia-Dehi pp. 212-219
Patterns and Dynamic Positioning of Pakistan’s Revealed Comparative Advantage in Services Trade PDF
Rao Muhammad Atif, Liu Haiyun, Zainab Naveed pp. 220-233
Determination of Optimal Structure of Capital Using Particles’ Mass Optimization Combination Algorithm PDF
Meysam Rahimian, Fatemeh Alijanpoor pp. 234-240