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An Evaluation Factors of Customer Satisfaction in Telecommunication Sector of Pakistan

Hafiz Abdur Rashid, Ch. Abdul Rehman, Nauman Aslam


The aim of this paper is to analyze the impact of customer satisfaction in the telecommunication sector. For this purpose previous research literature were critically reviewed and data were collected through questionnaire survey.180 questionnaires were distributed among the customers of telecommunication service providers in Pakistan. 150 complete questionnaires were received at a response rate of 83.33%. Non- probability sampling techniques was used for the selection of sample. To study the impact of customer satisfaction in telecommunication sector Pearson product moment correlation and regression analysis was used. Findings indicated that perceived expectation, quality, customer retention, price tolerance have positive whereas customer complaint has significant and negative effect on customer satisfaction. This study helps the managers that how they can develop the competitive edge by enhances their customer satisfaction level in the telecommunication sector. Future guidelines and limitations are also discussed.


Customer loyalty, Customer Retention, Customer Satisfaction, Perceived Quality, Price Tolerance,

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