European Science Journals: EOJNSS, JAELT, more to come...

Vol 3, No 3(s) (2014)

Special Issue on Environmental, Agricultural, and Energy Science

Table of Contents

Natural science section

Estimate of the Noise Pollution and the Amount of Air Pollutants with Simulation of Road Traffic Volume PDF
Ali Mansour Khaki, Amir Esmael Forouhid pp. 1-7
The Effect of Mixing Method on the Permeability Changes of Cement—Bentonite PDF
Mohsen Farzi, Javad Ahadian pp. 8-16
An Analysis on the Role of Government’s Structural Financial Services on the Sustainability of Rural Settlements : A Case Study in Darab Area Villages, Iran PDF
Ali Shakoor pp. 17-25
Evaluation and Productivity Enhancement of Fixed Exchange Stations of Arid Wastes from the Bank PDF
Amirhossein Tayebi Abolhasan pp. 26-31
Management of Landfill Locating of Urban Waste PDF
Mahboobeh Derakhshandeh, Toktam Taleb Beydokhti pp. 32-39
Optimization of Energy Consumption Using Solar Bath in the Hot and Dry Climate of Iran PDF
Faezeh Asadpour, Atefeh Asadpour pp. 40-49
Economical, Heritage and Existential Evaluation of the National Park and Tandureh Protected Area Using the Conditional Method PDF
Majid Abbaspoor, Z. Abedi, Aida Shariatmadari pp. 50-56
Managing and Optimization of Energy Consumption and Offering Strategies to Materialize It PDF
Fazele Azari Sangeli, Mohsen Jalali Majidi, Akram Borzui, Zohreh Daryaee pp. 57-65
Feasibility Study on Renewable Power Plants: Tidal Power Plants PDF
Hamid Samani, Mohammad Reza Heidary pp. 66-71
Analysis of Turbulent Flow of Nanofluids in a Pipe PDF
Farzad Hatami, Fatemeh Okhovati pp. 72-85
The Eocene – Oligocene Facieses and Sedimentary Environments in Sardarreh Area, Garmsar PDF
Ghodratollah Mohammadi, Marzieh Pursafari, Alireza Ashofteh pp. 86-94
Two-phase Simulation of Nanofluid in a Heat Exchanger in Turbulent Flow Regime PDF
M. Nasiri-Lohesara, M. Gorji-Bandpy pp. 95-104
Participatory Planning: A Strategy for Organizing and Reinventing Urban Worn PDF
Nemat Hosseinzadeh, Hassan lotfi talab, Seyed Morteza Ghasemzadeh, Gholam Hassan Shirazi pp. 105-113
The Application of Ant Colonies Algorithm in Optimal Positioning Wind Turbine Farms PDF
Sareh Sanei, Hadi Zayandehroodi pp. 114-120
The Study of Environmental Problems Consideration in Guidance School Empirical Sciences Textbooks PDF
Nori Barari, Kazem Hasani, Mary Eslampanah, Hossein Mahdizadeh pp. 121-130
Reliability Analysis of Waste Stabilization Pond Under Iran’s Climate Conditions PDF
Hamid Reza Orumieh, Saeeid Mardan, Raheleh Mazaheri pp. 131-140
The Effect of Educating Environmental Ethics on Behavior and Attitude to Environment Protection PDF
Mahboubeh Soleimanpour Omran pp. 141-150
Determining Source Rock and its Characteristics Using Organic Geo-Chemistry Derived from Parent Rock Evaluation, Separation, and Columnar and Gaseous Chromatography on Cretaceous Units in Central Iran at Khor-Biyabanak PDF
Ghodratollah Mohammadi, Alireza Ashofteh pp. 151-160
Optimization of Horizontal Axis wind Turbine Airfoil by Using the Inverse Panel PDF
Milad Babadi Soultanzadeh, Babak Mehmandoost Esfahani pp. 161-170
Evaluation of Heavy Metals (Cadmium and Lead) in Groundwater of Razi Industrial Park, Isfahan PDF
Javad Tabatabai, Nasrin Hassanzadeh, Somayeh Soltanzadeh pp. 171-178
Investigation on Sedimentary and Depositional Environment Usage of Cretaceous in South-East of Golpayegan Region PDF
Ghodratollah Mohammadi, Alireza Ashofteh pp. 179-185
Middle East’s Environmental Contamination and Responsibilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran Regarding Compensation of Environmental Damages (Haze and Water Contaminations) PDF
Hossein Valizade, Mohammad Reza Parvin pp. 186-199
Making Dye Solar Cells with Natural Extracts of Cabbage and Rubia Tinctorum and the Comparison of their Characteristics PDF
Sedigheh Khayatzadeh Mahani, Maryam Jafari Narenjbaghi, Hasan Fatemi Imam Geis pp. 200-203
Application Of Multi-Layered Perceptron Neural Network (MLPNN) With Consideration Losses And Emission Dispatch PDF
Mohammad Reza Heidary, Hamid Samani pp. 204-209
Analyzing the Role of Security in Developing Iran’s Foreign Tourism PDF
Forough Ghasemi, Leila Jalalabadi, R.S. Poormoosavi, Zahra Kiyani Ghaleh No pp. 210-216
Reducing Greenhouse Gases, Electricity Production and Creating Cooling Power by Sour Gas flares in Oil Region PDF
Sirous Dehdar, Ali Hajati Shimini, Sahar Ahmadifar, Behroz Farahbakhsh pp. 217-226
Empirical Study of Combined Airfoil of Wind Turbine for Using In Small Turbines PDF
Milad Babadi Soultanzadeh, Babak Mehmandoost Esfahani, Davood Toghraee Semiromi pp. 227-235
Qualitative Monitoring of Saveh Plain's Groundwater Based on Water Quality Index (WQI) PDF
Amir Reza Nemati, Behrooz Nemati, Mohammad Reza Pirestani pp. 236-241
First Report of Infection with Lernea (Linnaeus, 1758) in Rainbow Trout Cage Culture in Iran PDF
Siyavash Faramarz Gaznegh, Dariush Azadikhah pp. 242-248
Evaluating the Effects of Different Levels of Medicinal Plant Powder of Teucrium Polium on Performance, Carcass Characteristics, Intestinal Morphology and Antioxidant Status of Blood Serum in Broiler PDF
Jalal Fallah, Ali Nobakht pp. 249-257
Efficiency Evaluation of Water and Municipal Wastewater, Using Data Envelopment Analysis Approach: A Case Study in Markazi Province PDF
Mehdi Ghasemi, Masood Khalili, Alireza Nikbakht, Mehran Mamaghani Nejad pp. 258-271
The Growth of Urbanization and Environmental Instability: A Case Study in Ahvaz Metropolis PDF
Manoochehr Javanmardi pp. 272-277
Biodegradation Assessment of Petroleum-Contaminated Soils by Natural Attenuation, Biostimulation and Bioaugmentation Methods on an Industrial Scale PDF
Javid Gholamiye Shiri, Mehran Makvandi, Siavash Salari, Mahdi Sharifi pp. 278-282
Numerical Modelling of Hydraulic Flow in Dam Stepped Spillway and Study of Cavitation Phenomenon PDF
Seyed Payman Karami, Amir Khosrojerdi, Mahmood Shafai Bajestan pp. 283-294
Recognition of the Role of Water in Rural Development of Arid Regions Using Morris Model and Correlation Analysis: A Case Study in Larestan, Iran PDF
Ahmadali Khorrambakht, Seyed Rahim Moshiri, Masoood Mahdavi pp. 295-303
An Investigation of Geographical Spread of Iranian Cities Based on Altitude PDF
Gholam Ali Khammar, Mehran Mirzaee Gheshlagh, Behnam Mohammadi, Farzad Mansour Jamshid pp. 304-310
Evaluating Occupational Exposure of Workers for Metallurgy with Alkanol Amines PDF
Ali Faghihi-Zarandi, Naser Hasheminezhad, Pejman Mohammadi, Eghbal Sekhavati, Mohammad Reza Baneshi, Farideh Golbabaei pp. 311-322
Determining the Welfare Effects of Sugar Beet Mechanization PDF
Reza Rahimi, Saeed Yazdani, Amir Mohammadi Nejad pp. 323-331
Optimal Placement of Distributed Generation Sources in Order to Reduce Loss and Improve Voltage Profiles in Power Distribution Networks Using Genetic Algorithms PDF
Moein Khosravi pp. 332-342
Tribology Evaluation of Jatropha as a New Environmental Source of Lubricant PDF
Iman Golshokouh, S. Syahrullail, Mohammadali Golshokouh pp. 343-348
Investigating the Causes of Corrosion in Heat Exchanger of Waste Incinerator System of Fajr Petrochemical and Providing Suggestions for Changing the Structure of Heat Exchanger PDF
Naser Shakeri Asl, Taleb Zarei, Soroush Zarin Abadi pp. 349-362
The Effect of the Impact of Health Promoting Program on Environmental Indicators in Elementary Schools of Tabriz in Academic Year 2013-2014 PDF
Mohsen Faraj Allah Bike Nouri, Pouran Raeissi, Leila Riyahi pp. 363-368
The Role of Renewable Energy in Decreasing Environmental Pollution PDF
Mehdi Paktinat, Saeid Ghods, Mohammad Hussein Najm al-Din pp. 369-374
Petroleum Contracts in Iran PDF
Maryam Shafiei Khah, Ali Amiri pp. 375-382
Palm Fatty Acid as a New Renewable Source for Industrial Lubricant PDF
Iman Golshokouh, S. Syahrullail, Ehsan Kianpour pp. 383-389
Explaining the Role of Ngos in the Development of Environmental Law PDF
Hossein Salehi, Marzieh Tavakoli pp. 390-397
Evaluation of Three Industrial Cities in Iran Based on Solar Energy Potential Using Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process method PDF
Salman Lashkari, Marjan Mohammad Jaafari pp. 398-403
Effect of Silibinin on the Induction of Apoptosis and the Inhibition of Cell Growth on the MCF-7 Cell Line PDF
Hossain Faramarzi, Nasim Forghani, Arash Forghani pp. 404-409
Evaluation of the Possibility of Instructing Power Plant in Esfahan Province Concerning Environmental, Social and Economic Criteria PDF
Mohammad Yavari Foroushani, Mojtaba Rouhollahi, Sayyed Jalal Mousavifard pp. 410-420
A Novel Membrane Reactor for Production of High-Purity Biodiesel PDF
Motahareh Vares, Mohammad Reza Sarmasti Emami, Kambiz Tahvildari pp. 421-426
Pollution Load Assessment in the Soil and Water Resources: A Case Study in Karun River Drainage Basin, Southwest of Iran PDF
Nader Hosseini-Zare, Ali Gholami, Ebrahim Panahpour, Alireza Jafarnejadi pp. 427-434
Determination of the Best Time of Sampling for Evaluation of Seed Bank Relation with Weed Density in Sugar Beet Using Regression Analysis PDF
Naser Akbari pp. 435-438
The Estimation Parameters of Kuznets Spatial Environmental Curve in European Countries ( A Case Study of CO2 And PM10 and Incidence of Tuberculosis and Life Expectancy at Birth) PDF
Iman Danaeifar pp. 439-448
Conflict of Laws in International Oil Contracts PDF
Maryam Shafiei Khah, Elahe Akhbari, Alireza Hasani pp. 449-457
Study of Arbitrability in the Generations of Oil Agreements PDF
Sayed Mohamad Hassan Malaekehpour Shoush, Ammar Jasemi Zergani pp. 458-466
Hydrogen Selection: A Fuel Suitable for environment as an opportunity for teaching green chemistry PDF
Maryam Seragian Ardestani, Neda Darvish, Fatemeh Serajian Ardestani, Serajoddin Alimof pp. 467-475
Lessons from Old Iranian Climate Architecture for Modern Architects PDF
Ahmad Fathi Najaf Abadi, Mina Pakdaman Tirani pp. 476-487