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An Investigation of Geographical Spread of Iranian Cities Based on Altitude

Gholam Ali Khammar, Mehran Mirzaee Gheshlagh, Behnam Mohammadi, Farzad Mansour Jamshid


The spread of Iranian cities is manifested in different geographical directions including regional, bio-environmental features and many other factors. The purpose of the present study is to investigate and analyze the spread of Iranian cities based on the altitude from the sea level. The method of this research is analytical-descriptive. To analyze the data, the researchers have used the Zapf's most famous formula. Based on this formula, all the Iranian cities were divided into 11 categories in which the lowest category was 26 and the highest was 2790 from the sea level. Generally, the obtained results showed that that the spread of Iranian cities due to good weather condition and altitude from sea level was the most with the number of 227 or 19.30% and the least number of cities was at the altitude of 2536 with only 8 cities.


Spread, Altitude from Sea Level, Iranian Cities, City Population

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