European Science Journals: EOJNSS, JAELT, more to come...

Vol 3, No 1 (2014)

Table of Contents

Natural science section

Effect of chemical control of weeds on yield and yield components of rapeseed in Ahvaz region PDF
Elham Badalzadeh aghdam, Mojtaba Kahkeshpour, Zohre Rezaei pp. 73-78
Regionalisation of microclimate resources PDF
P. Karing pp. 79-83
Study of magnetic properties and characterization of Ni/Cu multi-layer structures using in-situ high-temperature X-Ray diffraction (HT-XRD) PDF
J. Nezamdost, A. Zolanvari, H. Sadeghi pp. 154-157

Social science section

The study of the relationship between conservatism in financial reporting and stock liquidity PDF
Ali Lalbar, Jalil Teymori, Akbar Nabilou, Hossein Arghavani pp. 1-10
A study of relation between comparative advantage indices of wheat and support policies by using econometrics approach PDF
Seyed Abolghasem Mortazavi, Foad eshghi, Elham Darbandi pp. 11-19
Examination of effects of urban street configuration on the amount of commercial buildings establishment (according to natural movement theory), Case study: Hamedan PDF
Kianoosh Zaker Haghighi, Nima Gheitarani, Mojtaba Khanian, Rana Taghadosi pp. 20-27
Studying the effect of risk management on stock returns of companies listed in Tehran Stock Exchange PDF
Maryam Akbari Moghadam Azad, Hossein Hasan Asl Behbahani pp. 28-34
Social, extra-curricular activities offered to students at low and high socio-economic status upper secondary schools in Turkey according to school principals’ views PDF
Mustafa Ozmusul, Ahmet Kaya pp. 35-47
The study of the entrepreneurial spirit of home business cooperative among the members in Hamedan Province PDF
Ahmad Yaghoubi Farani, Mehdi Mantashloo pp. 48-55
The effect of audit firm size and age on the quality of audit work PDF
Farzin Rezaei, Saeed Shabani pp. 56-64
Analysis of effective factors on stability of local development with urban stable development approach (Case study: Moziraj Range in Babol City) PDF
Seyed Ali Hosseni, Seyed Mohsen Hosseinifar pp. 65-72
An investigation of reading comprehension program at a University of Technology PDF
Ahmadreza Shoa Hasani, Ramin Rahimy, Masumeh Arjmandi pp. 84-91
Integrated and periodic relief logistics planning for reaction phase in uncertainty condition and model solving by particles swarm optimization algorithm PDF
Siamak Ghiasvand, Babak Ejlaly pp. 92-101
The role of green supply chain management on organizational productivity and excellence PDF
Mohammad Khorasani Amoli, Foad Eshghi, Iman Valaei, Fateme Noori pp. 102-107
An analytic study on architectural decorations in early Islamic architecture PDF
Masoud Mohammadzadeh, Ali Hossein Pour Hajjar pp. 108-116
Instructional leadership levels of school principals under the context of constructivist primary curriculum- quantitative results PDF
Ahmet KAYA, AHMET GÖÇEN pp. 117-122
The effect of assertiveness training on self-efficacy among Iranian high school female students PDF
Mitra Sadat Noghabaee, Mansooreh Nikoogoftar pp. 123-127
Teachers’ awareness of critical pedagogy: A case study of Iranian EFL teachers PDF
Mohammad Aliakbari, Fatemeh Azimi Amoli pp. 128-134
The effects of swimming training program on psychological health: An experimental design PDF
Korkmaz Yiğiter pp. 135-139
Investigation of the relationship between social intelligence & leadership style of high school managers at District 2 in Zahedan PDF
Seyed Reza Balaghat, Leila Azizpour pp. 140-149
Investigation of the relationship between organizational justice and employees’ self-management in Arak Municipality PDF
Mojtaba Mastali pp. 150-153
Some similarities of Vâyu in the ancient Indian and Iranian religion books: A focus on Vedas and Avesta PDF
Sayyed Hassan Alamdar Moghaddam, Soghra Ghasemi pp. 158-163
Examining defense rights of the accused at the stage of preliminary investigation in Iran laws (with a human rights approach) PDF
Fathollah Niaziatabay, Ehsan Pahlevani Fard, Alireza Hassni, Elahe Pahlevani Fard pp. 164-175
Investigation of the relationship between organizational health and organizational commitment with positive attitude toward change among primary school principals of Tehran city PDF
Habibe Khatoon Nabipour, Hossein ZainallyPour, Mohammad Noor Rahmani pp. 176-184
The effect of Islamic ideological dialogue on the legitimacy of the Islamic Republic of Iran PDF
Jabbar Pour Hosseini, Mehdi Zakerian pp. 185-194
Renovations and modifications during the presidency of Hashemi Rafsanjani PDF
Mohammad Aghayi, Mohammadreza Fathi Mehr pp. 195-201