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3C’S of Management among Local Universities and Colleges in the National Capital Region toward Building Employees Empowerment and Job Satisfaction

Gregoro A. Reyes


The major purpose of this study is to determine the relationship among the dimensions of 3C’S (co-ownership, co-operation and co-sharing), transformational leadership style of school administrators, school effectiveness, empowerment practices, and job satisfaction. The descriptive correlational design was used in this study using adapted questionnaires pertaining to 3C’S, transformational leadership style of school administrators, school effectiveness, empowerment practice, and job satisfaction of the Local Universities and Colleges  in the National Capital Regional .  The most prominent aspect of 3C’S is co-operation exhibiting that everyone in the institution is taking the responsibility to the success of the schools’ endeavor. The school effectiveness as evaluated by the faculty have a predominant envisioning the development planning as to developing an educated work force.  Transformational leadership style of school administrators as perceived by the faculty have pronounced the school vision, and accomplishing work together as a team. Moreover, empowerment practices in respondent’s respective institution, have greater emphasis in the area of self-worth. Work-itself is the most prevailing aspect of  job satisfaction. Lastly, findings showed that there is a significant moderate to strong positive relationship among dimensions of 3C’S, school effectiveness, transformational leadership style of school administrators, empowerment practices, and job satisfaction.  Since 3C’S is found to have a moderate positive relationship as correlated with all other dimensions, it is recommended that administrator should maintain and enhance their currrent  programs and activities to strengthen the aspects of school effectiveness, employees empowerment and job satisfaction.


co-ownership, co-operation and co-sharing

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