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A Review on Leveraging from Block-chain Technology to Improve Supply-chain Management in the Construction Industry

Khawar Ahmed Khan, Fei Ma, Shaif Noor, Maryam Ali, Fatima Kubra


Block-chain technology will allow more transparent and reliable end-to-end monitoring in the supply chain. Construction companies can digitize physical assets and establish a decentralized, secure database of all purchases, allowing assets to be monitored from source to distribution or used by the end consumer. We seek to guide construction supply chain research to leverage blockchain technology to enhance supply chain management in the construction industry. Although considerable research on opportunities that blockchain technology presents for supply chain management, little is known about the factors that will lead to better management of the construction supply chain. We first identify the opportunities that blockchain technology offers for the construction supply chain by conducting an extensive search on available literature. Next, the authors categorized the key benefits that can be leveraged by implementing blockchain technology into the construction supply chain. Finally, we present our results that implementing blockchain technology can positively impact supply chain management in the construction industry through improved transparency, traceability, information sharing, and trust among key stakeholders. These findings provide a promising measurement model for empirical research and a foundation for descriptive and normative research on blockchain applications for improved supply chain management in the construction industry.


Block-chain technology; key benefits; construction supply-chain; supply-chain management; transparency; traceability; information sharing; trust.

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