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The Correlation between Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences and the Problem-solving Styles and their Role in the Academic Performance Achievement of High School Students

Yaghoob Raissi Ahvan, Hossein Zainalipour, Mahin Jamri, Fatemh Mahmoodi


The present study attempts to investigate the correlation between Gardner's multiple intelligences and problem-solving styles and their role in the academic performance achievement levels of high school students of Bandar abbas. This was a descriptive correlation study .To accomplish this purpose, 270 students of  high school of Bandar Abbas were selected by clustering random sampling, and all of them filled the Gardner’s multiple intelligences, the Cassidy and Long’s questionnaires. For analysis of collected data, descriptive statistics including  mean, standard deviation, Pearson coefficients of correlation, regression, spss19 and statistical soft were used. Findings of this study revealed that the helplessness and the control styles have a significant positive relationship with the intrapersonal intelligence. The logical-mathematical intelligence, visual-spatial, verbal-linguistic, musical and naturalist intelligence have a significant relationship with the creative and confidence styles. The verbal-linguistic, musical, bodily-kinesthetic showed a significant correlation-weighted with the avoidance style. The approach style showed a significant correlation with the verbal-linguistic intelligence.

The results showed that all multiple intelligences including visual-spatial, verbal-linguistic, interpersonal, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, natural, interpersonal have a positive correlation with academic performance achievement. The regression of analysis showed that the multiple intelligences such as visual-spatial intelligence, interpersonal and verbal-linguistic intelligence were statistically significant and could positively predict academic performance achievement ( p<05), whereas the musical intelligence was a tunable negative predictor for academic achievement of students.


Gardner’s multiple intelligences, academic performance achievement, students

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