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The Role of Public Urban Spaces in Creating a Vivacious Society: A Case Study in Tabriz, Iran

Mehrdad Farrokhi Kaleybar, Shaham Asadi, Hojjatollah Rashid Kalvir


Public spaces are an arena for displaying the flow of human life. Social interactions with triple classifications including compulsory, optional and social activities take place in these spaces. The issue that we will review in the present discussion refers to lack of public lively spaces for doing optional-recreative activities in Tabriz. First, public urban spaces and necessity of their existence in creating a lively and spirited environment will be described. Second, we will discuss the subject of virtual world and its impact on redefining of social relations, and disruption of the recent generation from the past one. Then with reviewing the available spaces in the city and their analysis, and also regarding different factors, we will try to provide appropriate solutions and new ideas in creating new spaces which will altogether take into account the issues of recreation, welfare, peace, interaction, art and virtual world. The results show that the inadequacy of the public spaces with a recreational approach is felt in urban arena and inside the dense context of Tabriz regarding its large scale in comparison with other megalopolises.


Public Spaces, Liveliness, Urban Activity, Virtual World, Tabriz

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