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Analysis of Civil, Architectural and Urban Planning of Passive Defense: A Case Study in Central Library of Tabriz

Ali Pourzangbar, Anise Saaber Qaraamaleki, Mohammad Barzegar, Saeid Johari, Qolaamreza Alipour, Arash Valizade, Javaad Qasami, Nasim Seraat Nouri, Behnam Lotfi


Passive defense is a set of unarmed actions for reducing the vulnerability of human resources, facilities and structures in encountering to the explosions and possible threats.  Disregarding the necessities of passive defense can lead to the loss of human lives, intensification of the damages to the structures and consequently the consumption of large amounts of finance in facing the possible threats. Therefore, considering these necessities has a special significance. In this study, the amount of observation of these necessities in the central library of Tabriz was analyzed as one of the important structures of the Tabriz city. The results of this study indicate that even by considering the importance of this center, the passive defense necessities in this center have not been observed neither from the structural point of view nor the architecture and nor the foundations. Therefore, the structure of this center, the staff and the people who go there are constant subjects of damage and threat.


passive defense, central library of Tabriz, civil necessities, vulnerability

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