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On the Translation of The Invasion Equation

Jingyuan Zhang


From the perspective of Skopos Theory, this article aims at the research on the English to Chinese translation of The Invasion Equation, a medical text in English concerning oncology, selected from The New Yorker. Starting from the generalization of translation practice, it introduces the background of the translation, the nature of the text, and the specific translation tasks. Then the author briefly introduces the source and content of the medical text, discusses the development and application of Skopos Theory in medical translation, analyzes the characteristics of medical English, and explains how to use Skopos Theory to guide specific medical translation practice. The core part of the research is the analysis of translation strategies. Under the guidance of Skopos Theory, the author discusses strategies of medical translation through detailed analysis of typical examples in the medical text. Since the difficulties encountered in translation are mainly concentrated on professional vocabulary and sentence patterns, the translation of medical text is mainly studied from two aspects: medical vocabulary and long sentences. In translation, it is a must for the translator to follow the three rules of Skopos Theory, namely skopos rule, coherence rule and fidelity rule, and improve the readability of the medical text under the premise of achieving the purpose of translation.


Medical English; Skopos Theory; Translation Strategy

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