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Learning Styles and Technology Implementation of Special Education Teachers in the New Normal

Gengen G. Padillo, Rey Francis T. Nacorda, Jane Mae N. Conag, Ramil P. Manguilimotan, Raymond C. Espina, Reylan G. Capuno, Jonathan O. Etcuban, Honorio C. Añora


This research evaluates special education teachers' learning styles and technological implementation at SpEd Schools in Mandaue City, Cebu, and Kananga Leyte, both in the Philippines, during the school year 2020–2021. It aimed to determine the Special Education Teachers' learning styles as well as the status of technology implementation of new learning modes during a pandemic. Because of the new setup for the educational platform in Special Education, this research also sought to gather information on the numerous concerns and problems associated with technology deployment, as well as the essential support and assistance in addressing such challenges. This study used a mixed-methods approach. A survey design will be used in quantitative research. Qualitative research, on the other hand, will employ a pragmatic qualitative research approach. Respondents in this study included twenty (20) Special Education Teachers from Mandaue City Central SpEd School - Elementary, ten (10) Special Education Teachers from Mandaue City Central SpEd School - High School, and twenty (20) Special Education Teachers from Kananga Central School. They answered the modified survey form as well as the interview. Frequency count and percentage, weighted mean and standard deviation, Chi-square test of independence, and theme analysis are among the statistical treatments applied to the data. The majority of Special Education teachers are reasonable, proactive, spontaneous, and clear, according to the data. It establishes that computer technology is commonly used for organizational and educational purposes. In general, it shows that a teacher's profile has a significant link to their learning styles, level of technological integration, and process integration. The creation of an intervention strategy is proposed as a solution to this problem.


Learning Styles;Technology Implementation; , New Normal

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