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Mobile Assisted Learning: Impact on Students’ Reading Comprehension and Belief

Getnet Gidey Takele, Mihretie Kibret Awoke, Dessie Alemayehu Kibret


This study made an attempt to examine the effect of teaching students through mobile assisted language learning (MALL) on their reading comprehension performance and belief. In the study, 79 second year English language linear students in Gondar College of Teachers’ Education were taken as participants of the study comprehensively since their size was manageable. Among those, 40 of them were control group and 39 were experimental group. For this effect, the study used quasi-experimental research design. Data were collected via tests (pre and posttests) and questionnaire. The data collected using the pre and posttest were analyzed quantitatively using the independent samples t-test. The questionnaire data were analyzed quantitatively via frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation. The results of the study divulged that MALL brought difference between the experimental group (EG) and control group (CG). Particularly, with the help of the interventions provided the majority of the EG showed high level of progress in their reading comprehension performance and got affirmative belief towards the use of MALL in reading lessons. However, the CG remained constant. Based on the findings drawn, it was recommended that MALL should be practiced to maximize the students’ reading comprehension performance in EFL reading classrooms.


Belief, CG, EG, MALL, Performance and Reading Comprehension

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