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Development of an Animal Microbiota Online Web-Based System Basilio: Bacterial Assemblages and Species Identity Library Online

Gary Antonio C. Lirio, Ryan V. Labana, Armin S. Coronado, Julieta Z. Dungca, Claire B. Salvedia, Joan Christine O. Adajar, Francis G. Balazon


Zoonotic diseases caused by infectious microorganisms transmitted from animals to humans, are becoming a greater threat to global health security. With the massive amount of data on animal microbiota and zoonosis research that recognize the pivotal roles of microorganisms in animal physiology and human health, it is necessary to process and present the data and make them accessible to researchers, educators, and to those involved in microbiota and zoonotic infections studies. The Bacterial Assemblages and Species Identity Library Online (BASILIO) is a web-based bacterial system and database that was created to curate data from various research publications on isolated bacteria from a variety of animal species worldwide. The system focuses on the presentation of animal and bacterial taxonomy, with an emphasis on the abundance of bacterial diversity in the animals studied and the classification of bacteria according to their pathogenicity. The project gathered data on animal microbiota from published studies in reputable peer-reviewed journals. AGILE development approach was utilized to develop the information system iteratively. Unit, system, and acceptability testing were used to execute test plans. The BASILIO web-system was evaluated using ISO 9126 standards and found to be functional, usable, reliable, efficient, portable, maintainable, and usable. The BASILIO in its current state, fills in the need for a database dedicated to fast access to information on pathogenic bacteria found in animals. Future developers are proposed to adopt the BASILIO system and incorporate other data management tools and algorithms to create a more complex and robust system.


BASILIO, bacterial database, animal microbiota, zoonosis, ISO 9126, online web-system

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