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Visual Thinking Skills in Solving Geometry Problems Based on Learning Style: a Grounded Theory Study

Anwar Anwar, T. Turmudi, Dadang Juandi, Reni Wahyuni, M Muntazhimah


This study seeks to determine students' visual thinking skills in solving geometric problems based on learning style inventory. The qualitative approach with the grounded theory research method was used. The research participants consisted of 61 students who were given a learning style inventory questionnaire, and 4 students were selected from each learning style category, namely converger, diverger, assimilator, and accommodator. Data collection techniques included learning style questionnaires and task-based interviews. The findings indicated that assimilator and converger students had good visual thinking skills in solving geometric problems and could explain logically every step they used while accommodator students had problems explaining logically at the planning and implementation stages of problem-solving. Meanwhile, diverger students could visualize the problem only at the stage of understanding the problem. At the next stages, they had difficulty in explaining logically, and the problem-solving process was not appropriate.


visual thinking; problem-solving; learning style inventory

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