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The Revitalization of Oral Traditional Ngendau Dayak Kenyah Based on Creative Industries

Rika Istianingrum, Sumiyadi Sumiyadi, Iskandarwassid Iskandarwassid, Tedi Permadi


Ngendau is an oral song from the Dayak Kenyah ethnic group in East Kalimantan. Ngendau is sung simultaneously by the performers in a performance of traditional events and daily life. The existence of the oral tradition began to be unknown to the younger generation of the Dayak Kenyah community. Therefore, there is a need for efforts to revive the oral tradition of ngendau so that it does not become extinct. This study aimed to revitalize the oral tradition of ngendau of the Dayak Kenyah community based on creative industries, namely by making documentary films. The creative industry in Indonesia has begun to be echoed to create the creativity of the creative young generation. The method used in this research was ethnography. Field data were obtained using observation techniques and in-depth interviews with informants. This research aimed to revitalize the Dayak Kenyah oral tradition in a documentary by empowering indigenous Dayak Kenyah women in Rindang Benua Hamlet, East Kalimantan, and creative actors in the form of a documentary East Kalimantan as a form of creative industry process. Revitalizing the ngendau oral tradition by making documentary films is one of the best efforts and provides benefits for the Dayak Kenyah community so that the younger generation can see and understand the oral tradition.


Oral Tradition, Ngendau, Dayak Kenyah, Revitalization, Creative Industries

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