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The Effect of Goal Orientation to the Academic Performance in Mathematics of Grade 10 Students

Anneth Joy M. Deraja, Roxanne R. Diola, Neil Christine V. Jose, Jennifer Ann M. Monsalud, Christian Obal, Ian I. Urbano, Jay-R A. Manamtam


Mathematics is a multifaceted activity; it has a lot of faces, even those one we can’t notice. Each facet is worth it to deal with so that every individual will be prepared for their future. It provides us with something to walk through difficulties. It is beneficial to set a goal for each individual, whether it is a short-term goal, long-term goal, or even the goal that falls in the middle. Setting a goal has been used extensively in a variety of ways, even on the outside of the school or in any settings. It could possibly bring you a positive achievement if follows correctly. The main purpose of this study was to determine if the goal orientation of the grade 10 students of one school in Region IV-A (CALABARZON) Rizal has a significant effect to their academic performance. As regards to the data of the significant effect of goal orientation to the academic performance of grade 10 students, the p-value of less than 0.001 revealed that the task goal orientation of the respondents has a significant effect to their academic performance in mathematics. The p-value of 0.007 implied that the ego goal orientation of the respondents has also had a significant effect on their academic performance in mathematics. Therefore, the researchers concluded that there is a significant effect of the respondents’ goal orientation, although the effect is very low and low, respectively. For the betterment, it is advised that researchers conducting a comparable study on goal orientation expand their scope to include student study habits, which may be influenced by a variety of circumstances.


Goal Orientation, Ego Orientation, Task Orientation, Academic Performance

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