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The Conceptualization of the Study of Social Justice: A Systematic Review

David Seetsa Makateng


To understand the nature of social justice as a concept one has to subscribe to the historical background of social justice and its relevance up to this day. The nature of this paper is to reveal the origins of the concept of social justice which stem from the religious context by an Italian philosopher named Luigi Taparelli. Social justice as a foundation of human rights is also presented in this paper.

This paper attempts to explore on the following research questions, ‘what is social justice?’ what is the importance of social justice in the society? The main objective of this study is to discover the importance of social justice as the foundation of human rights account. This paper also substantiates the core message of principles of social justice in the society. Methodology adopted is exploratory and interpretive and data collected from various sources, books and journals in line with social justice. Ultimately, real solutions depend on new ideas that better reflect fundamental values social justice the paper concludes by putting forward the four types of justice.


: Equity; Justice;Social Justice;human rights; systemaic review

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