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(Review article*) Permaculture: Smart Growth Strategies and Management for Juniper Forest

Faiza Akhtar, Safder Shah Khan, Moghira Badar, Yasir Niaz, M Saleem Akhtar, F. Batool


Permaculture creates an integrated system by incorporating those parameters which are often viewed as separate entities such as smart growth, low-impact development, habitat protection, complete streets, and other initiatives. Its gives better planning options and give policies a line of coherence and directions which provides basis for the real concept of sustainability. Presently in Pakistan, forest management policies suffer from a number of drawbacks and especially the Juniper forests in Pakistan are under constant pressure due to natural as well as anthropogenic pressures. To conserve the Juniper Forest Ecosystem a proposed Smart Growth Strategies based on Permaculture’s principles are designed to protect the Ziarat Juniper Forest that offers an unequivocal vision and strategy to gain valid sustainability in forest management.


Sustainable Forest Management, Application to Principles of Permaculture, Strategic direction, Ziarat, Juniper Forest

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