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Evaluating the Suitability of Literary Texts in Grade 10 English Text Book for Language Classrooms

Yitayew Shebabie Mekonen, Yibeltal Degwale Tegegne, Daniel Belay Wubie


Literary texts increase the learners’ proficiency of integrated language learning as they enable the learners to apply all macro and micro skills. This study evaluated the suitability of literary texts in grade ten English for Ethiopia textbook for language classrooms. The evaluation was made from two aspects-from the learners’ aspect (learners’ literary experience, linguistic proficiency, cultural background, level of understanding, age, interest) and from the text itself (the texts’ content, topics, themes, language, accessibility, free of bias). The study employed descriptive design which involves qualitative research method. Document (textbook) analysis was used as the main tool for gathering data. The result of the evaluation indicated that most of the literary texts do not consider the learners literary experience, cultural background, language competence, age and understanding level. Curriculum designers consider all the students in the country in general and classrooms in particular as if they had equal exposure to literary texts. The literary texts are not considering the students’ cultural background since almost all of the texts are written by foreign in foreign contexts. However, the literary texts are relatively good in relation to language skills aimed to be improved, their length, contents, topics and themes.


evaluation, suitability, literary texts, textbook, language classrooms

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