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A Study of Private Hospital's Waiting area

Sheyda Sharareh


A serious look at our hospitals and clinics shows that the space was not built for human comfort and is difficult for maintaining and cleaning. Windowless, dull, depressing environment and lack of natural light can increase patients’ stress and anxiety. The aim of this research is to realize and investigate the hospital design problems in hospital’s waiting area in aspects of space planning, furniture design and material and finishes. Waiting areas are the first places which give impact on customers and patients, and if these spaces neglected to consider the impact towards the stress and anxiety of the customers and patients, undesired consequences will arise. This research studied aspects on the space planning, furniture design and use of material and finishes of waiting area. Investigating these factors will help to provide information to enable designers and hospitals to provide for their customers and patients as guests to the premise. This can change the patients’ thoughts and perception of the hospital. A case study was carried out on a private hospital, Darul Eshan Medical Center (DEMC) Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. Observations, physical measurements and site observations were carried out.  In-depth interview with experts and questionnaires for users were also carried out. Data collected were analyzed.


Waiting areas, Hospitals, Planning, Furniture design, Material, Finishes

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