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An Evaluation of the Maladaptive Schemas and Personality Traits among Drugs Dependents

Fatemeh Akhlaghi Yazdi Nezhad, Rashen Abdollahi


This study aimed at investigating the relationship between maladaptive schemas and personality characteristics of substance abusers. For this purpose, 120 married substance abusers were purposefully selected. According to the results, extraversion personality characteristic can be anticipated through dependency, suffering, restraint and abandonment. Also, the dependent variable of neuroticism personality characteristic can be predicted by four predictors of emotional deprivation, dependency, suffering, and abandonment. The dependent variable of openness personality trait can also be predicted by two predictors of distrust and obedience. The dependent variable of compatibility personality trait can be traced through three predictors of mistrust, defect and emotional deprivation as well. Finally, the dependent variable of being conscientious can be anticipated by three predictors of emotional deprivation, defect and social isolation. Accordingly, it can be concluded that personality characteristics and early maladaptive schemas appropriately predict the factors increasing or decreasing the tendency to addiction.


Personality traits, early maladaptive schemas, drugs dependents

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