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Preference on the Perception of Mobile Banking: A Saudi Arabian Perspective

Mohammed Al-Husein, Muhammad Asad Sadi


The purpose of this study was to investigate specific factors that predict the acceptance of mobile banking in Saudi Arabia. A questionnaire was developed to focus on a number of constructs, identified in the literature, as potential predictors of acceptance. Quality of Internet connection was highlighted to have a significant impact on the perceived ease of using mobile banking. Also, the perceived usefulness of mobile banking was significantly affected by the degree of awareness among customers. Trust in mobile banking and resistance to change are among factors with a significant impact on consumer's attitude towards adopting mobile banking. This research extended the existing Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) (Davis, 1989) and made valuable contributions to mobile banking service providers in Saudi Arabia, as well as to researchers in mobile and Internet banking in the region. This research can be used as the basis of a more comprehensive study of consumer's attitude, towards the evolving mobile-based e-business solutions.


Consumer Acceptance, Mobile Banking, Internet Connection

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