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Online Teaching Preparedness of Junior High School Teachers during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Christian H. Villegas, Bernadette Q. Cunanan, Valerie Ann P. Magsalin


The study examined the online teaching preparedness of Junior High School Teachers (JHS) during the Coronavirus Pandemic. The study used the descriptive-correlational method of research with a duly validated questionnaire as research instrument. Descriptive statistics such as the mean and frequency counts were used to analyze data. Standard deviation was calculated to measure the dispersion of a dataset relative to its mean. Spearman’s Correlation was used to evaluate relationship involving ordinal variables. Data were drawn from the 19 JHS Teachers of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines Laboratory High School (PUPLHS). JHS Teachers assessed their preparedness for online teaching as “Very Satisfactory”. The demographic profile of the JHS Teachers such as age, years of teaching experience, and educational attainment were correlated to their preparedness for online teaching. It is observed that the age and years of teaching of JHS teachers were not significantly related to their online teaching preparedness. However, the educational attainment of JHS teachers registered a significant relationship to their online teaching preparedness. It is recommended that JHS teachers of PUPLHS pursue advance studies to further enrich and update their knowledge on the current trends in education. Furthermore, they are encouraged to undergo seminars and trainings to cultivate their consistent and very satisfactory performances as educators. School administrators should continually inspire them to nurture and foster their knowledge to avoid any means of complacency especially with the new normal system of online education. This is also a way for them to persistently refresh, revitalize, and improve their skills.


Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Online Teaching, Junior High School, Teaching Preparedness, Synchronous

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