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The Correspondence Students’ Personal Attributes Using Song and Hill’s Conceptual Model for Understanding Self-Directed Learning

Ma. Junithesmer D. Rosales


This study is an attempt to describe students in correspondence mode of learning delivery (CMLD) using Song and Hill’s Conceptual Model for Understanding Self-Directed Learning. It applies the method of qualitative descriptive inquiry in which the personal attributes of students were analyzed and described. It is basically an attempt to obtain baseline data to understand CMLD students’ choice of delivery mode; their strategies to overcome challenges or problems in learning; and their motivation in learning. Out of 45 CMLD students, 24 gave their consent to be part of this study. The data obtained through email or Messenger found that CMLD students: (1) take responsibility in their choice of learning delivery; (2) have personal autonomy; and (3) view mentors/teachers, mentoring, family, friends/peers as motivations that help them learn. Hence, the optimization of learner’s personal attributes as well as its link to other aspects of the conceptual model may be explored in the future to understand the interconnection between how students process learning and how learning context enable them to benefit from the correspondence mode.


correspondence mode of learning delivery, self-directed learning, personal attributes, learner, mentor

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