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Teachers’ Flexibility and ICT-Adeptness in the Now Normal in Education

Rosalie A. Corpus, Rosemariebeth R. Dizon, Andrew C. Hernandez


Study objectives aimed to find out how 311, mostly female and single basic education teachers, within the age group 21-30, coming from big urban public schools, assessed their own flexibility and ICT adeptness in implementing blended and flexible teaching and learning in the now normal landscape of education, almost two years since local public and private schools, colleges and universities went on lockdown in 2020. There is a continuing need to ascertain teachers’ level of flexibility and ICT adeptness for blended and flexible learning with most learners continuing to be online.

Findings conclude that “Teachers are Very Flexible” in implementing the 5 components of Flexibility: Time, Content, Entry Requirements, Instructional Approach and Resources, and Delivery and Logistics.  Likewise, “Teachers are Always ICT Adept” in the 4 components of ICT-Adeptness:  Teaching Content, Teacher-Student Interaction, Teaching Form and Teaching Environment.  Profile-wise, male teachers are more flexible and ICT aware, and single teachers spend longer and earlier times in school. Significant differences are seen in teachers’ flexibility based on school location and school type, but not based on school size. It is also concluded that teachers coming from big, urban, public schools are “Always ICT Adept,” though significant differences are seen based on their sex and age, but not civil status.

It is recommended that DepEd maximize on these profile variables in the recruitment and placement of teachers; that the basic education curriculum be reviewed further to continually enable blended and flexible learning; and continue implementation of Minimum Education Learning Competencies.


Teachers’ Flexibility, Teachers’ ICT Adeptness, 5 Components of Flexibility, Flexible Learning, Blended Learning

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