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The Strategies of Passive Defense in Architecture of Old Districts in Kerman City

Shahpoor Gheibi, Mansour Nikpour


Passive defence is a strategy to increase life quality, when Internal or external enemy is trying to torment people and break the people stability. Old Iranian scientists of urban planning have planned some strategies to decrease such torments that nowadays are called passive defences. Nowadays passive defences is not considered in most houses and its importance is decreased. The most important factor in people welfare is their feeling of security in their private places that would be obtained by passive defence principles. Ignoring this case destroy feeling of sequrity. In Iranian traditional architecture some strategies were considered that are in accordance whit todays passive defence principles. This research is conducted to recognize these traditional strategies, by literature reviewing and field observation. Recognizing such strategies would result in knowledge that could be used in planning and improving of nowadays urban spaces by modern architects.


Passive defence, stability, security, Neighborhood, parish

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