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Determining Essential Steps in Designing a Successful System of Organizational Career Development

Rezvan Sahraee


In the current contemporary and highly competitive business environment, all organizations are encouraged to create a work environment, which fosters growth and development by implementing a career development program. Because through such a program, organizations can achieve their strategic goals and employees’ ideal career will be available for them. It is not exaggerated to say that there are still many organizations that have failed to achieve career development goals, their employees are not motivated to stay and they are always looking for competent individuals to fill the vacancies. Unfortunately, those organizations assume that the development costs are wasted. Therefore, in this paper, we intended to identify the essential steps to design a successful system of organizational career development; a system by which individuals and organizations are able to reach their goals. For the purposes of this study, 25 managers and human resource experts from Iranian large private companies, in Tehran, who have successfully experienced such a system, were interviewed. Six factors were determined as the most influential key factors in system’s success, including goals and needs review, harmonizing the road map, accurate assessment, development program, and matching and creating opportunities. The findings indicate that a positive relationship exists between mentioned factors and the success of the organizational career development system.


Organizational career development, Goals and needs review, Harmonizing the road map, Accurate assessment, Development program, Matching, Creating opportunities

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