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Planning of Sustainable Development Based on Civil Rights in Torkaman Port

Seyed Ali Hosseini, Hossein Amozad, Mohammad Keshavarz Mafi


Undoubtedly, discussion about stability and sustainable development is meaningless without paying attention to cities and urbanization. Cities are considered as major factors of creating instability in the world. Therefore, according to inherent complexity of cities and various dimensions of their effectiveness, recognition of major and key factors for the sake of achieving to stability of cities seems necessary. The purpose of research is to acquire relatively exact description of condition of urban sustainable development from citizens’ rights point of view. This research is practical from the viewpoint of purpose and descriptive-measurable from the viewpoint of type, which has been done by scope method. Statistical society is all citizens of Torkaman city (48736) that used urban spaces which are effective on stability and instability of city. Sample volume is 381 individuals according to Cochran formula that are selected and studied accidentally. Findings of research show that civil rights identifiers with effectiveness of 0.62 and political identifiers with effectiveness of 0.18 had the most and the least effect on sustainable development of Torkaman port city.


Sustainable Development, Civil Rights, Awareness of citizens, Torkaman port

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