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Investigation of Pistachio Micro-Propagation (Proliferation) (Pistacia Vera L.)

Mansour Kalantar, O Jadidi


Tissue culture and micro-propagation is a branch of applied sciences in plant biotechnology which is of critical significance these days. This has played a great role in increasing different species of tree, shrub, herbaceous, etc. It merits some advantages such as ease of propagation, maintenance of genetic stability, lack of time limitation and place. In this research, pistachio rootstock (Pistacia vera L.) micro propagation has been selected due to its prevalence in Iran, the heavy cost of propagation through mating, the spread of common diseases of propagation by the current propagation methods and specially the market's demand for asexual propagation. In this study, some media cultures including knop, ½ knop, Ms, ½ Ms, Dkw, ½ Dkw were investigated in factorial statistical design with two hormones called BAP in four levels (0.5, 1, 1.5, 2) mg/l and NAA in Tri levels (0,0.1,0.2) mg/l and by Tri repetition. Results showed that most suitable treatment for explant (shoot tip) sterilization of samples is using %96 ethanol and %15 vaitex and washing with water, which then was cultured for proliferation. Also, the results showed DKW media is more suitable relative to others media and high dose of BAP (2 mg/l) and low dose of NAA (0 mg/l) in proliferation is suitable.


pistachio, Rootstock, Tissue culture, micro propagation, prolliferation.

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