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An Investigation of Youth Moral Judgment and Its Relation with the Family Structure and Feature

Behzad Nikoopour


In fact, moral problem is that what are the rights and responsibilities of each person against others. With the growth of social groups, customs, and norms, some organizing and harmonizing methods have been created for interactions and these parties institutionalize moral in groups. Indeed, moral focuses on the fact that how heavy social benefits and responsibilities and shared life is divided equally. Psychologists describe moral growth from various methods. The main objective of the present case study is to investigate the level of moral judgment in youth and its relation with family structure and features. In this regards, 200 high school students (male and female) of Mashhad schools were examined and the obtained data was processed in SPSS software. The research findings revealed a significant positive relation between the level of moral judgment of youth and residence location.



Moral judgment; Family structure; Youth; Socialization

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