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The Movement of EFL learning Approaches toward Identity Constructs: A Gradual Development or a Social Turn

Mahnaz MostafaeiAlaei, Mohammad Reza Ghamari


This article aimed to examine the theoretical assumptions underlying the tendencies of current studies toward identity constructs. Attempt was made to see whether or not the identity studies in language teaching have come into existence because of a major movement called social turn. To do so, a study on the relationship between EFL learning and the construction of national identity among Iranian university students residing in Tehran was conducted. Anattempt was also made to examine if any associations exist between students' major of study and national identity. The findings are expected to help educators gain insight into the influential role of social factors including national identity in learning a foreign language and the other way around. To compare the learners' performances on a national identity questionnaire, correlation analyses, independent samples t-tests, and a one-way ANOVA were run. The results indicated some differences in the measures of national identity between beginners and more advanced learners. Moreover, participants performed differently on national identity as far as their study majors were concerned. The results of the present study have implications for education professionals especially materials developers.


identity, language learning, national identity, social turn

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