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Prevalence of Learning Disability in Primary School Students in Kerman City

Mahin Eslami, Ali Akbar Haghdoost, Nikseresht Afsaneh, Rafee Shahrbabaki Hamideh


The present study examined the prevalence of learning disabilities in primary school students in Kerman city. Respondents of the present study comprised of 793 primary students who were identified by cluster sampling technique. Instruments for students’ data collection included intelligent, mathematic, reading and writing tests and questionnaire. Results of the present study indicated that frequency of learning disabilities in Kerman primary school was 40.74% and there was a significant difference between boys and girls. Math disability was 13.9 percent, reading disability was 36.9 percent, and writing disability was 4.5 percent. There was a significant different in math disability among boys and girls. Also there was a significant different in writing and reading disability among boys and girls.


Reading Disability, Math Disorder, Writing Disorder, Learning disorder

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