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Effectiveness of Solution-Focused Group Therapy on the Resiliency of Patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in Tehran

Shabnam Razaghi khameneh, Farshad Bahari, Rahim Hamidipour


The current research was conducted with the aim of determining the effectiveness of solution-focused group therapy in resiliency of patients with MS. The current research methodology is experimental with pretest-posttest, one-month follow up and control group. The population includes 60 patients covered by Iran MS Society during 2012-2013, among which 30 patients were chosen and by the use of random sampling they were put into two groups of experimental (15 individuals) and control (15 patients) group. Then the experimental group received 8 sessions of solution-focused therapy, while no intervention was conducted on the control group. Tools being used in this research include: Resilience Questionnaire (RQ), and the training package of solution-focused group therapy. Research data were analyzed through MANOOVA test and ANOVA test with repeated measures. Comparing the dimensions of resilience (self-confidence, personal view, flexibility, organized, problem-solving, interpersonal competence, having social relationship, active) by the use of Covariance analysis after eliminating the effect of pretest showed that experimental intervention is generally effective on the resiliency. Results of ANOVA test with repeated measures also showed that the effects of therapy have stayed at the follow-up level.

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