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Study on the Relationship between Love Attitudes and Marital Satisfaction Among Married Women

Parastou Taghavi Dinani, mohammadreza zarbakhsh, Eshagh Samkhaniyan, Mahsa Hamidi, Farzaneh Arkiyan


The purpose of this research was to study the relation between love attitudes with marital satisfaction in women of Tehran. The statistical sample was 150 of married women among 22 regions of Tehran who were selected by Multi-stage cluster sampling. Parakash Marital Satisfaction (1985) and Love Attitude Scale–short form (LAS-SF) (1986) were used to collect data. Pearson correlation and multivariable regression used to analysis data. The result showed that there was a significant and positive relationship between Eros, Storge, Pragma, Agape of love attitudes with marital satisfaction, while Ludus had a negative and significant relationship with marital satisfaction. Stepwise Regression analyses showed that Eros, Pragma, Ludus and Storge of love attitudes were able to predict marital satisfaction.

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