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Examining the relationship between Organizational Justice and Organizational Citizenship Behavior at Islamic Azad University in Ardabil province

Mohammad Roohi, Mohammad Feizi


The main subject of this research is significant relationship between details of organizational justice and citizenship behavior, or not, what is the relation between organizational justice and citizenship behavior? For this reason, we investigate organizational justice and citizenship behavior. The organizational justice dimensions (distributive justice, procedural justice, interpersonal justice, informational justice) along with organizational citizenship behaviors constructs form the basis of the hypotheses. This study is based on a correlation and the statistical population consists of all the academy members as well as employees of Islamic Azad University Branches of Ardebil province. According to Cochran sample volume method , 246 persons has been selected from 1067 persons. In order to collect information , a questionnaire containing 24 questions was designed an distributed among the sample members. Finally , 222 completed questionnaire was collected. Statistical validity is confirmed by the authorities and the reliability coefficients for organizational justice questionnaire 94% and for Organizational Citizenship Behavior questionnaire93%. The results of the statistical analysis within the framework of correlation coefficient show that among the organizational justice and its dimensions(distributive justice, procedural justice, interpersonal justice, informational justice) has a significant relationship with organizational citizenship behaviors of employees.


Organizational Justice, Distributive Justice, Procedural Justice, Interpersonal Justice, Informational Justice, Organizational Citizenship Behavior

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