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A Study on Role of Social Networks in Formation of Cyberculture

As’hab Habibzadeh, Nejat amiri, Ruohola Jafaripoor, Mohsen Babaeian, Mosa Amiri, Nematolahe Jalilipoor


One of the widest communicating channels refers to social network sites that have affected social relations via the emergence of web-2. The main purpose of the present paper is to study role of social networks in forming cyberculture. In order to achieve the purposes, the statistical population has been selected. According to the high size of the sample cases and shortness of time, the Cochran formula has been applied. The considered sample size is considered equal to 367 people and it has been analyzed via SPSS.  The results of the research indicate that reproduction and cultural creativity of the users of social networks in the form of cultural values; subcultures resulted from cyberspace; and cultural innovation have led to the formation of cyberculture. Moreover, the cyber identity of virtual social networks has affected the formation of cyberculture. At first, the initial structure of internet associated with life was merely presented in web, however, the emergence of social network sites created a new form of life in the cyberspace. Consequently, the culture and relations among people got different from their traditional forms.


Cyberculture, Cyberspace, Social network

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