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Studying the Effect of Mechanized Systems (Official Automation) on Managers Decision Making Quality: Case Study

Farhad Nejadirani, Leila Mosafer Yadegari, Reza Rasouli, Hadi Nasirzadeh


Decision making is among the major managerial tasks in an organization. In fact, it is making proper decisions that lead the organization toward predetermined objectives. Present study is conducted aiming at examining the effect of official (official automation) systems on increasing Eastern Azerbaijan Social Services Organization mangers' decision making quality. Regarding the objective, essence of the subject of this enquiry, and methodology, it is an applied research. Statistical community of the study comprised 70 individuals including all managers and deputies of the organization. Statistical sample equaled statistical community; instrument of the study is questioner the last part of it is conducted using SPSS and alpha test. The study is conducted based on 1 main hypothesis and 5 hypothesis questions statistically confirmed after statistical data analysis of all research hypotheses. Results from descriptive statistics are higher than an average level (research mean scores) for hypothesis testing. Considering the mean from hypothesis testing; the extent of employing official mechanized systems (official automation) effect on increasing Eastern Azerbaijan Social Services Organization mangers decision making quality is respectively: timeliness, validity, cost-effectiveness, speed, and accuracy of Eastern Azerbaijan Social Services Organization mangers decision making.


Official Automation, Decision Making Speed, Decision Making Accuracy, Decision Making Validity, Decision Making Timeliness, Decision Making cost-effectiveness

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