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An Evaluation of Implementing ICT among Pre-Service English Teachers in Farhangian University

Alireza Karbalaei


In recent years, the trend toward globalization and the needs of an information-oriented society have become a focus of attention for science educators. However, many teachers are still struggling to adopt and implement computers into their classrooms. Some researchers contend that beginning teachers are not adequately prepared to integrate computers into their teaching. This study examined the decision-making process used by secondary pre-service science teachers in implementing ICT (Information and Communication Technology) into English instruction by pre-service teachers in Farhangian University, Iran. The study sought to understand pre-service teachers' conceptual development and its impact on their new understanding of teaching and decision-making. The data were collected through a survey. The findings suggest a pivotal influence of teacher educators, cooperating teachers, and peer teaching on the development of practical theories, and subsequently the practice of pre-service teachers with computers. Participants highlighted that two most beneficial aspects that computers have as a pedagogical tool are helping and enhancing more student-centred learning and providing complex and sometimes interactive visual aids to help students understand concepts better.


Computer-Assisted Language Learning, Information and Communication Technology, Pre-service teachers, Farhangian University

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