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The Effectiveness of Using Picture Book Teaching Materials in Thematic Learning in Elementary Schools

Normalasarie Normalasarie, Udin Saefudin, Bunyamin Maftuh, Sapriya Sapriya


One of the important thing for the achievement of the learning process is the use of appropriate learning media. Learning media that are often used by educators to become intermediaries for students in delivering learning materials, one of which is teaching materials. The use of teaching materials in the learning process aims to create a conducive classroom environment for both students and educators. The most widely used teaching materials are picture books. Today many children have a high visual interest especially when seeing pictures that spur them to think. The purpose of this study was to see the effectiveness of the use of picture book teaching materials in elementary schools based on the educator's perspective. The methodology of this research is descriptive quantitative with an instrument in the form of a questionnaire which is then distributed to elementary school educators in Banjar South Kalimantan in August 2022. The results show that the use of picture book teaching materials in elementary schools in Banjar runs well or effectively. Effective picture book teaching materials are given to students in elementary schools, because it is easy to read information and with the interest of students it makes it easier for teachers to convey learning.


Teaching materials, Picture Books, Thematic learning, Elementary School

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