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Effects of Digital Marketing in Nurturing the Hospitality Industry: A Case Study of Upscale Hotels in Hawassa City, Ethiopia

Krishnasamy Srinivasan, Wondimagegn Wudesa


This research study was conducted to explore the effect of digital marketing in nurturing the hospitality industry using digital marketing platforms to promote the hospitality business in Hawassa City, Ethiopia. The study was conducted on 2 up to 4 stars rated hotels and resorts registered and licensed by the Tourism and regulatory authority of Ethiopia. The study's sample population was 150 respondents from the aggregate population of 241 at 13 upscale hotels and resorts in Hawasa city. The stratified simple random sampling technique was employed. The correlation and regression analyses were used to find the association between digital marketing and the performance of upscale hotels. The study included digital marketing, attracting customer, engaging, retaining, learning, and related customer strategies. The study concluded that the correlation between digital marketing practice and hotel performance was positive and significant. The related back customer strategy negatively affected the performances of star hotels.


Digital marketing practices, Ethiopia, Hawassa City, Upscale Hotels performance

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